Taking Care Of An Old Friend

Forgive me, but there is no post here today or Friday. I’ve had a situation arise that has required practically all of my attention and has zapped my desire to write for the past day or two. If you’re a dog-lover, you’ll probably understand. If you’re not, you probably think I’m being ridiculous.

This is a picture of my 13 year-old dog, Luckey, just this past Thursday night, when everything seemed normal.

Luckey Before

Two nights later, she suddenly lost most of the use of her back legs. I assumed she had a bone structure problem that would require surgery and present me with a big bill. That was my biggest fear. Monday morning, my fears became much worse.

As it turns out, Luckey has a huge tumor on her spleen, that has caused the spleen to produce random blood clots. one of these clots set up shop in Luckey’s spine, causing her back legs to lose all control and go haywire.

She spent Monday night at the vet, where they tried to strengthen her legs, with limited success. They strongly suggested I go ahead and euthanize her – given the fact she can hardly walk, she’s old and has a giant tumor that could rupture at any time.

The thing is, she is in no pain and is in great spirits – still playful and loveable. As the vet put it – the front half of the dog is in great shape, but the back end is a mess.

My emotions have been all over the place in the last two days. I may be being selfish, but I brought Luckey home last night, just to have a little more time with her. Other than struggling to walk, she just doesn’t seem like a dog that is ready to be put down. I have to pick her up and carry her out to go to the bathroom, but other than that – last night was business as usual. Other than being tired from being poked and prodded, she seems very happy to be home. Here she was resting comfortably. Soon after this was taken, she really perked up and wanted to play

Luckey Home

For those that think I am being selfish, I didn’t want to look back and think I pulled the trigger too soon just because it was an inconvenience for me to deal with. I’m glad to do it and still have her company. It was very lonely Monday night without her. For those that think I’m being foolish – well, she’s been a big part of my life for a lot of years.

But with my emotions swirling, my mind has not been on racing these last two days. Therefore, I am going to take a break today and Friday and spend time taking care of my old friend, Luckey. Unless something traumatic happens over the weekend, I plan to return here on Monday Oct 6th.

George Phillips


14 Responses to “Taking Care Of An Old Friend”

  1. Good for you George…

  2. Hey George-
    I feel for what you are going through. For non- dog people, it’s tough to understand. I had to put a chocolate lab down at 7 (too young) for seizures he kept having. I felt uncomfortable being in a position of having to decide the fate of my dog who was there for me when no one else was. Not to mention the fact that it tore my heart out. It was the right decision but I could not even consider getting another one for at least a year.

    I told myself I wouldn’t get another dog so I would not have to go through that again. Years later I have another black lab with my girlfriend. So it goes.

    I’ll say a prayer for your dog Luckey. Hang in there and you know what’s best for her.

  3. Good Morning George. I have a good understanding of what you may be feeling as I once faced a similar situation with our black lab Jess. Like Dan here, I did not get another dog for many years until my daughter talked me into adopting my Bassett hound Roscoe. You and Luckey will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

    ― Will Rogers

  5. What are friends for anyway.

  6. I can definitely empathize with you George. Our dogs are as much a part of our lives as any other member of our family and more than some. I know the right decision will become clear when it is time for it to, until that decision is revealed to you I am sending my best wishes that Luckey will recover.

  7. George, it is hard to type this through the tears. I completely understand what you are going through, as I have been down this past several times.
    Follow Luckey’s guidance. She will let you know what to do. Some of my most painful, yet most cherished moments, are my last minutes with very special, furry, family members.
    Live in these moments with Luckey. We will see you again when you are ready. My thoughts are with you and Luckey.

  8. elmondohummus Says:

    Wanting to make the dog happy is the antithesis of selfishness. And suffering is relative; Lucky’s probably wondering why her back legs don’t work right, but if she’s otherwise happy and playful, then I’d say that putting her under would’ve been premature. I don’t see a damn thing wrong with what you did; on the contrary, I see everything right.

    Too often, too much in today’s society is consider disposable. And it distresses me that this attitude has extended to lives, both pet and human. If it’s someone or some animal’s time to go, then that’s life, but if it’s not, then why hurry it? Life can be good despite problems and suffering.

    Keep the dog happy. And to hell with anyone saying that it’s selfish.

  9. Matt B. (Dayton, Ohio) Says:

    I feel for you George. And I’m honored that you would share this personal issue with us. You should of course take all the time you need, and know that your Oilpressure.com friends are standing by you. What a great life you’ve given Luckey.

  10. Oh, George, I am so sorry. Enjoy these moments with your friend, Luckey They are special ones.

  11. Only someone who has been privileged to have a dog allow you to share his/her life knows the pain you feel. Deepest sympathies coming your way from Missouri.

  12. Mike Silver Says:

    Completely understand, George. I’ve been throughnthis twice this year. You are doing the right thing. She will tell you when she is ready to go. Thoughts are with you. It never gets easier to deal with this. Take care.

  13. George, my brother is going the same thing with his chocolate lab. Prayers to you because I know how hard it is. Luckey will tell you when it is time. All the best, my friend….

  14. Lynn Phelps Says:

    We have a 12-year-old chocolate lab with kidney, heart and liver failure as well as spine problems. My father-in-law is our vet. He assures us she will let us know when she is finished. Blessings.

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