How To Destroy A Reputation

You always hate to see someone’s credibility destroyed. Unfortunately, that is what happened this past weekend when longtime commenter to this, David Zehr, lowered himself to an all-time low. In a moment of weakness, he allowed himself to sit down for an episode of One Take Only – the video-blog of this site that is uncut and unrehearsed. We just sit down, start the camera rolling and start talking.

For more than three years, John McLallen and I have been taping these episodes of two old goats sitting down for fifteen minutes of bench racing. No one ever dared to allow themselves to be seen on camera with us – until now.

Many of you know David Zehr as “DZ – groundedeffects” with the nose of the “yellow Submarine” – the first car to utilize ground-effects, as his avatar. David has always been one to have well thought-out comments and is very respected in the IndyCar blogging community for his blog Grounded Effects. He rarely posts anymore, but when he does, it’s always a good read.

When I saw him at Indianapolis this past May, he told me he would be here in Nashville this weekend. I put him on the spot by suggesting he join us on One Take Only. I’m sure his first thought was to run, but he politely said he would. As the time grew closer, I held him to it. He was gracious enough to drive out to the house on Saturday morning and put his reputation on the line, so that we could tape it. Of course, John overslept and had to be called. I woke him up, asking him where he was. What grown man in his late fifties sleeps in until 11:00? That might explain a few of his lapses in concentration.

But he finally showed up and the three of us sat down for an historic episode – out first guest. We discussed the championship, the disappointments of the 2014 season and looked ahead to 2015.

Again – a big “Thank you” goes out to David, for abandoning his wife for a couple of hours to drive out and risk his future credibility by joining us. It was good to have an intelligent voice on there, for once. We hope we haven’t damaged your reputation beyond repair.

And to the many of those that despise these videos – come back Wednesday, for a more rational offseason discussion pertaining to the Verizon IndyCar Series.

George Phillips


8 Responses to “How To Destroy A Reputation”

  1. Nicely done and enjoyable as always! My only comment is that y’all ignored the 300 lb gorilla: will RLL Racing be back next season?

    Of course, a discussion on team funding could be a show of its own…

  2. DZ-groundedeffects Says:

    Gentlemen, the pleasure was all mine. Enjoyed it immensely and perhaps I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was how quickly the time goes, especially when talking Indycar.

    This just may have encouraged me to consider warming the fluids and re-firing the blog, so I’ll only have you to blame for that now.

    Although Skyped-in and off-camera, I also was surprised to find Tsong so genuinely warm and humorous despite his relatively poor command of English.

    • DZ-groundedeffects Says:

      Tsong – 我希望你不要生气,我偷了你的座位。接下来,我们见面,我都买了粽子。像金色的雨槽的啤酒流。每个人都开心。

  3. Thanks for another edition of “One Take Only”. Here’s hoping that in late October, you are maybe going to post another one, telling us about what you and John have done on those weekends when there is no IndyCar to watch. Also, since there is going to be little news coming out of Indianapolis during that timeframe, another episode of your show would be very refreshing.
    And thanks to your guest star, too, for sitting in.

  4. Enjoyed the video. Good discussion points fellas!! Keep them coming.

  5. You might consider putting together a 4-box set of these things and getting them in the stores in time for Christmas.

    • Ron, if you’ll notice (or if anyone really cares); on the right side of the main page of this site, there is a page listed as “One Take Only”. There, you’ll find every single one of these that we’ve done over the past three-plus years. That news should certainly cause a stir.

  6. I will second the long off season coming up. Not looking forward to the long off season. Having the momentum ramp up early and peak at the Indy 500, then slowly taper off the rest of the summer has always concerned me. If there were only a way to curtail the waning interest after Memorial Day weekend: Maybe the BCG has an answer for that too. They seem to have an answer for everything else.

    Body kits: they have been talking about them for so long now ,my interest has tapered off considerably. How exciting can it really be after talking about it for 2-3 years? They could save a ton of money if they just strapped the Chevrolet/Honda V-6 turbo into the new Indy-Lights car.

    I would state again as a long time fan , how agonizingly frustrated I get about how slowly things progress in the IndyCar series. They have been talking about body kits for so long I have almost lost interest completely.

    How are they going to solve the declining oval venue attendance? How about Milwaukee scheduled after the Indy 500 again? Oh and what about Road America? I like the idea of the season ending back at IMS on the road course.

    Next year a horsepower upgrade to accompany the kits would be another nice surprise.

    If the season started up again in late February/ early March of 2015, the off season would be a lot less…..well…..long.

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