The Evil That Idle Time Brings

Down-time in the Verizon IndyCar Series means idle time. Idle time generally leads to bad things – evil things. And so it is with One Take Only; the videoblog of It is unrehearsed, unscripted and unedited. We just sit down, start the camera rolling and start talking about IndyCar – all the while keeping an eye on the clock to keep it under fifteen minutes for You Tube. Whatever we get, we keep – hence the name.

In this segment, John and I discuss the Indianapolis 500, the double-headers at Detroit and Ed Carpenter’s win at Texas. We also take on the subject of the proposed new ownership of the Nashville Superspeedway – as John and I have differing opinions. Finally, we revisit the all-important issue of 100% cotton versus Dri-Fit.

This is what happens with two straight non-racing weekends. Idle minds start thinking of evil ways to pass one’s time. One Take Only is the most polarizing part of this website. Some absolutely hate these installments, including some of my own family members. I have a brother who despises them. Others e-mail me asking when we are going to do the next one. I had several people tell me in Indianapolis this past May that they loved them. Maybe they just didn’t quite know what else to say.

John and I both enjoy taping these things, so I guess that’s all that matters. Whatever the case – if you like them, pour some coffee and listen to two old coots ramble on about IndyCar for fifteen minutes, while you do other things. If this isn’t your thing – come back Monday.

George Phillips


8 Responses to “The Evil That Idle Time Brings”

  1. Despise is a pretty strong word, George. I never said I despise it. I said I’d rather stick a knife in my eye than lose 15 minutes of my life watching it.

  2. dzgroundedeffects Says:

    I’m now hooked on watching these. Love the IMS flags adornment, keep it.

    PS: 100% cotton is the front-engined roadster of haberdashery… there I said it.

  3. Ron Ford Says:

    Whatever your production values may lack could easily be cured with a few beers or some Fuzzy’s. Perhaps the Miller/Coors One Take Only 15? The former Izod girl Carmen could possibly use a new gig. Just sayin’

    I’d watch it over Duck Dynasty any day!

  4. The Lapper Says:

    A very fun show. I am also starting to not like the double headers.

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