Welcome To The Mob That Is Carb Day

As we were driving through the mob in the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I had to ask myself why I was here. Yes, I’m old – but this wasn’t my bag thirty years ago. I was never of the shirtless, throw a Frisbee walk barefoot crowd. Most will not be surprised that I worse shorts, tennis shoes and polos to any large gathering like this. Now, it’s just expected of my age group.

Aside from the Verizon IndyCar practice, the Indy Lights race and the pit-stop competition – I’d say it’s a safe bet that the vast majority of the crowd is not here for racing. If they never see a car, it’ll probably suit most of them just fine.

Now that we have gotten to the safe (and air-conditioned) confines of the IMS Media Center so that I could put up this post – I’m tempted to park myself here. Normally, I spend as little time as possible here. I much prefer being out in the crowd and being with race fans. But these aren’t race fans, for the most part. I’m halfway kidding. Of course, I’m heading out; but make no mistake – this is a mob, and they’re starting to show signs of inebriation.


As for the racing – Tony Kanaan and Scott Dixon led the practice this morning. This is looking very similar to 2012, when the Ganassi cars pretty well stunk the place up all month. That is – until Carb Day, when they led practice. Dario Franchitti went on to win the race. Is this a prelude to seeing Tony Kanaan win two straight after being shut out for so long? Or could Scott Dixon be looking at Win Number Two, after scoring his first win six years ago? An already interesting field just got a little more interesting.

For the record – Gabby Chaves won the Indy Lights Freedom 100 earlier today. The pit stop competition is still going on as I type.

We’re now going to foolishly venture out into the mob. We haven’t had lunch and I crave a tenderloin. If you never see another post from me, you’ll know I didn’t make it out alive. At least I met my demise at IMS. Seriously…check back later.

George Phillips


9 Responses to “Welcome To The Mob That Is Carb Day”

  1. drunken mobs in the IMS infield? heavens to betsy, I never heard of such a thing…

  2. Enjoy the tenderloin. Wish I was sitting in the stands having one right now.

  3. George, your comments about so many of the ummm, people who dominate crowds at so many sports events today, are why I stay away and watch via internet or TV.
    My last year as part of the IMS Safety patrol, positioned at the north end of the back stretch infield, I just saw too many examples of the worst of humanity, including six fights I had to deal with.
    I like the drivers and team personnel, but the alcohol and drug infected behaviour and the cigarette smoke make it impossible for me to enjoy being there.

  4. I would think that today you’d be delighted to watch Freedom 100 through air-conditioned media center’s windows or in a grandstand seat that you’ve paid for – and watch pit stop competition from the same. Or be at pit lane during pit stop competition to greet racers whom you like and to ask questions of racers and crew members and team owners.

  5. SkipinSC Says:

    In my young and stupid days, I would be one of the aforementioned inebriates, but I still came to watch the race, with a little “people watching” on the side. As I matured somewhat, it became way too much of a pain in the ass to negotiate the “Speedway Triangle” while lacking sobriety. They too will learn, (maybe.)

  6. Ron Ford Says:

    I have never understood the Speedway’s desire to cater to drunks or look the other way from drunken behavior.

  7. Yannick Says:

    I’m actually surprised that they let bloggers into the media center, too. How did you get your press ID card? Was it by invitiation? If so, there may well be media staff working at IMS who share your taste in tenderloins 😉

    The Target cars indeed seem to have found something on Carb Day. But what was the Carb Day weather like? Their setup improvement might just work well for this kind of weather.

  8. Phil Kaiser Says:

    George, didn’t see you or the Little Lady at the Carb Day Burger Bash, were you there? It was a blast as usual, with Justin Wilson, Arie Luyendyk, Pippa Mann, Takuma Sato and Jack Hawksworth coming by to say hello. And I won the right to co-host Trackside With Cavin & Kevin during the fabulous auction, which I’ll probably do Tuesday after The Race. I’ll make sure to say Hi to you and Susan!

    Phil Kaiser

    • Phil – we got there right as Pippa was introduced and stayed after Hawksworth. they had run out of food and we were hungry, so we didn’t stick around but about an hour. Sorry we missed each other. – GP

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