Discussing The Month Of May

You probably thought we had put One Take Only away until later during the summer. After all, it’s barely been two weeks since the last appearance. No such luck. For those that don’t know or are trying to forget; One Take Only is the video-blog of Oilpressure.com. It is essentially two old cronies sitting in my backyard talking racing. It is unscripted, unrehearsed, unedited and we only do it once. If we screw it up, we screw it up – hence the name.

Since it’s the Month of May, John and I had to get together again to discuss our thoughts of the new qualifying format, tenderloins and the lack of Verizon apparel. Oh, we also discussed Sunday’s 98th Running of the Indianapolis 500 and made our picks. Neither of us went out on a huge limb. So sit back and watch. If this isn’t your cup of tea – come back tomorrow.

George Phillips


9 Responses to “Discussing The Month Of May”

  1. I think your loyalty to Team Penske (as incomprehensible as it is to me) is blinding you a bit. If everything goes well, I think Ed Carpenter has an excellent chance of winning the race this year. Ed’s time may be right now.

  2. The Lapper Says:

    Ed is a good pick and I think if John wasn’t “blinded by Andretti” he was leaning that way. However, George going with Will Power is a perfect pick and even a blind man could see that.

  3. Ryan Johnson Says:

    There are eleven major contenders (the first seven cars, JPM, Scott Dixon, TK, and RHR) and I would be shocked if anyone outside of those eleven won on Sunday. I believe RHR and TK will be heading to the front early, along with Briscoe from the back. Of the eleven I mentioned above only Pagenaud and Munoz do I not feel real confident about but the other nine will be strong. The weekend is looking great and I cannot wait for Sunday!

  4. I’ll take Dixon. Ganassi is sneaky. But I’m pulling for Hinch.

  5. billytheskink Says:

    Nice shirt, John. One of the favorites hanging in my wardrobe as well.

    I’m picking Buddy Lazier to win from the back. It fits the trend of American winners. Buddy Lazier-Sam Hornish Jr.-Buddy Rice-Eddie Cheever Jr.-Buddy Lazier-Al Unser Jr.- Buddy, I mean uh… Rick Mears

  6. Ryan Johnson Says:

    I saw Villenueve is a 75-1 shot to win… I bet Lazier is a 200-1 shot

  7. Yannick Says:

    Thanks for another edition of “One Take Only”. I wish I could pull off recording myself while talking near as good as you guys do it. When I have recorded my spoken announcements for my web radio show, I always need to go back to the recording to edit out awkward pauses. You two do this so naturally.

    But let me get back on topic. I feel it’s best not to say anything definite until Carb Day has been run, about who is my uneducated guess for winning the race. But at this point in time, ahead of Carb Day, my pick would be Helio because he has been strong throughout the whole month, he has got a good car and he has got truckloads of experience. And I’m not even a Helio fan. He just seems like the obvious choice for winning this thing. My opinion might change, depending on the other teams’ speeds on Carb Day. I have picked a winner before who I did not root for: Dan Wheldon back in 2011, and my was I amazed when he really won that thing. I turned into a real admirer of the man that day.

    Yet, it might be more realistic if your pick is somebody you are not used to cheering for because there is no bias.
    Of course, I wish Pagenaud, Marco Andretti, Hinch, Power or Munoz, Dixon, Montoya, one of the ECR drivers, Newgarden or even TK from his starting position way back there would win the race but for the time being, my pick is Helio.

  8. dzgroundedeffects Says:

    Tough call for me as I predicted on my blog that the ‘Double’ would actually come to represent a common winner of GP Indy and the Indy 500.

    I had picked Will Power to sweep the month, so do I root for Pagenaud or cut my losses and stick with Power to win Indy?

    I’m historically horrible at predicting the 500 winner, so my gut tells me it will be neither which means Helio will get his 4th.

    One thing is for sure, with the fastest and tightest field in history, this edition has the ingredients to be (another) one for the ages.

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