And The Winner Is…

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated. There were a record number of entries, this year. You guys are good. Surprisingly, several got everyone of them – including the tie-breaker. So I had to go by who got theirs in first. The commenter known as “Billy The Skink” was actually the first to get his in that had everyone correct. In fact, he got his in in within a matter of hours. He was a previous winner and said he was only playing for fun and already had a set of prints from the last time.

So, I left it open. Later that day, another entrant came in with them all correct. This would be our official winner. And it was…Ryan Svaboda of the Chicago area. I’ve never seen a comment from Ryan before, but  he has already been contacted and his prints will be on their way shortly – at least that’s the plan. Last year’s winner, "BryanBe" of Indianapolis, didn’t get his mailed to him until this past February. Oops!

There were a couple of questions that I decided to accept more than one answer – mainly because I had to. One of which was the question regarding the three “firsts” for Louis Meyer. I was not aware that he was also the first to receive the Pace Car, so I accepted that also. I also accepted that Louis Meyer could have been considered the last rookie to win before Graham Hill – but I personally didn’t consider him a rookie since he drove relief for Wilbur Shaw the year before. But I took it anyway. Regarding the question about who was second to Roger Penske in total victories – several said Chip Ganassi with five. Sorry, but he was co-owner in 1989 and the name of the team was Patrick Racing. In my book, he didn’t become an owner until 1990.

Anyway – thanks to all that played. I hope everyone enjoyed playing and hopefully learned something. These are questions that I jotted down in the past year. As I do chores around the house throughout the year, I listen to old podcasts of The Talk of Gasoline Alley with Donald Davidson. If I hear a little nugget that can be used – I jot it down. I already have a couple of questions for next year’s contest.

So, congratulations Ryan! You have joined a select fraternity – those that have won the Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest. Your name will be synonymous with the likes of Billy The Skink, BryanBe and Bicklemom – to name a few. Your prize will be (hopefully) on its way soon.

And now, the answers to this year’s questions. Thanks for playing.

George Phillips

2014 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest

1. Who holds the record as the youngest pole-sitter for the Indianapolis 500?  Rex Mays

2. What car owner was the first to officially enter a turbine for the Indianapolis 500? What year?  John Zink  1962

3. When Bill Vukovich was fatally injured in the 1955 race, he was driving a car that had been driven the previous year by what driver?  Pat O’Connor

4. What are the three “firsts” associated with Louis Meyer?  First three-time winner, first to drink milk, first to receive the Borg-Warner Trophy (also accepted: first to receive the Pace Car)

5. Who is the all-time leader as pole-winner for the Indianapolis 500? Rick Mears with six

6. What famous driver was the son of a Metropolitan Opera singer? Dan Gurney

7. Who was the fastest qualifier for the 1991 Indianapolis 500?  Gary Bettenhausen

8. What year was the last full 500 mile race that Sid Collins covered? 1974  (‘75 & ‘76 were rain-shortened)

9. What driver was a rookie in the 1964 race, then didn’t have his next start until 1971?  Bob Harkey

10. What driver had only three starts over a twenty-one year span?  Roberto Moreno

11. What legendary car builder built winning cars for John Zink before moving on to Bob Wilke’s Leader Cards team?  AJ Watson

12. Carl Fisher is known primarily for two notable achievements. One is being one of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What is the other? Developing Miami Beach

13. What was the last year a Watson chassis appeared in the Indianapolis 500? Who was the driver?  1980 – Bill Vukovich II

14. Who was the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 without a riding mechanic or a relief driver? What was the year? George Souders in 1927

15. How many times has the Indianapolis 500 been shortened by rain? What were the years?  Seven – 1926, 1950, 1973, 1975, 1976, 2004 & 2007

16. What driver did the Europeans refer to as an “American Jimmy (Clark)”?  Bobby Marshman

17. Who was the driver known as the “Tinley Park Express”?  Tony Bettenhausen

18. Which Rookie-of-the-Year was a graduate of Brown University?  Mark Donohue

19. What two drivers were fatally injured in practice behind the wheel of the powerful front-drive Novi?  Ralph Hepburn (1948) & Chet Miller (1953)

20. What was the first year for Jim Nabors to sing “Back Home Again in Indiana”?  1972

21. How many times has Roger Penske won the Indianapolis 500 as a car owner?  15

22. What owner is second to Roger Penske in total victories at the Indianapolis 500? How many?  Lou Moore with five

23. When Graham Hill won the 1966 Indianapolis 500 as a rookie, he was the first rookie to win since what driver and in what year?  George Souders in 1927 (also accepted Louis Meyer in 1928)

24. Who was the fastest qualifier for the 1960 Indianapolis 500?  Jim Hurtubise

25. What former Formula One champion made his Indianapolis 500 debut in a pink car?  Emerson Fittipaldi in 1984

26. What was the first year that the Indianapolis 500 was shown live on ABC?  1986

27. Who is the only driver to appear in the Indianapolis 500 in five different decades?  AJ Foyt

28. What is the only car driven to back-to-back victories by two different drivers? What were the years and who were the drivers?  The George Salih lay-down roadster (The Belond Special & The Belond AP Special) – Sam Hanks in 1957; Jimmy Bryan in 1958

29. What happened every time Larry “Boom-Boom” Cannon qualified for the Indianapolis 500?  Johnny Rutherford won the race

30. Who succeeded Paul Page in the ABC/ESPN booth in covering the Indianapolis 500?  Todd Harris (also accepted Bob Jenkins, when Page did CART only)

31. Sid Collins had the longest tenure as the “Voice of the 500”. What announcer had the shortest tenure on the IMS Radio Network as “Voice of the 500”? How long was it?  Lou Palmer – two years 1988 & 1989

32. When Al Unser broke his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1969, he missed the Indianapolis 500. What driver ultimately drove his car in the race? Bud Tinglestad

33. Who was the last rookie to win the Indianapolis 500? What was the year?  Helio Castroneves in 2001

Tie-breaker: Name the eight living drivers who drove both front-engine and rear- engine cars in the Indianapolis 500.

AJ Foyt, Bobby Unser, Chuck Hulse, Gordon Johncock, Bob Harkey, Parnelli Jones, Jim McElreath & Johnny Rutherford


4 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Congratulations Ryan! It must be a blast to “bench race” with you.

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Congratulations to Ryan and thanks to George for putting this contest on. It’s always enjoyable to dive into the facts and learn more about our favorite race.

    Question 10 might be my favorite on this year’s list. It is remarkable that Moreno’s on-again/off-again career in American championship racing resulted in 100+ starts but only 3 at Indy. In 3 different decades over 21 years no less…

  3. Ryan Svaboda Says:

    Thanks George! I really enjoy what you have put together with and winning the Burton prints puts a nice touch on Indy Week. Maybe I’ll see you there this weekend.

  4. Kevin_K Says:

    Well I wan’t even close this year. I think i got like 6 wrong. Yeesh! Only got 1 wrong last year. :-/ Still was alot of fun to do!

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