Qualifying Morning At IMS

Qualifying just got underway as I type. We were late arrivers at The Speedway this morning. We ate dinner at Dawson’s on Main Street in Speedway last night and were later joined by Paul Dalbey from More Front Wing. One thing led to another and we didn’t get out of there until 11:00 last night. We slept in and were lulled into thinking it would be too cold for the cars to practice by 8:00. They were delayed by the cold, but not by much. We missed the practice and didn’t get on the grounds until 10:00.

Marco Andretti led the practice at over 232 mph, albeit with a tow. Altogether, there were twelve cars over 230 this morning. As it stands right now, Ed carpenter is the provisional pole-sitter with a four-lap average of 230.114.

There is a decent crowd here, but not great. The sun is shining , so it takes the chill off of the 50-degree temperature. As long as you’re standing in the sun, it feels good. I’ve already shed the polar-fleece and a sweat-shirt and polo feels fine.

Before qualifying began, we wandered through the garage area. We came across Mario Andretti signing autographs for a large group of fans.

I got my first real good look at the Susan G. Komen car of Pippa Mann as it was going through technical inspection. It has just the right amount of pink to look very good. Solid pink would have been a little much, but the car looks really good in the sun. Pippa has had solid speeds this week, so I expect her to have a good run today.

That’s going to do it for now. We’re going to go out into the stands and watch qualifying for a while and enjoy the sunshine. We might see if we can hunt down some Verizon merchandise and an “old-style” tenderloin. Please check back later or follow me (@Oilpressureblog) or Susan (@MrsOilpressure) on Twitter. Back in a bit.

George Phillips


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