Welcome To A Frigid IMS

We are finally here at IMS for qualifying weekend. The weather reports didn’t lie. It is cloudy, windy and cold at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I was here for the 1992 race that saw numerous accidents attributed to cold tires. This feels colder than that. In fact, it is so cold here that as we were getting things out of our trunk after we parked the car; ice pellets were falling from the sky and hitting our car. I’m not sure if it was hail or sleet. The weather here looks like it could cause either.

Apparently, we missed the heavy rains – but not by much. There are still puddles everywhere. If there is no more rain, track officials hope to have the track open for practice by 3:00 local time. No word yet if they plan on extending practice, as they did Wednesday.

I’m not so sure that there will be any cars on-track for Fast Friday. The radar shows the bulk of the system has moved through, but there are a few patches of green lingering that could find their way drifting over The Speedway.

Anyway, it looked as if there was quite a bit of activity in the garage area. Plus, I haven’t eaten a bite since we left Nashville. I think it’s time to wander about and see if we can locate another “old-style” tenderloin without walking all the way out to Turn Two. Check back a little later. Rain or shine, we’ll be posting here later today.

George Phillips


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