A Calm Afternoon At IMS

It seems that most of the IMS employees and the teams are suffering from a bit of a hangover after yesterday’s Grand Prix. Things are definitely on the quiet side. I went out to watch cars hit the track at noon. There was one ceremonial first lap turned by Helio Castroneves in his beautiful throwback Pennzoil livery that looks just like the Rick Mears cars of the eighties. After that, there was nothing. There were no cars on pit road and it was very quiet.


I decided that there may be more action in the garage area. It was somewhat quiet there as well. Most of the teams had their garages open and were working on their cars, but none seemed to be in much of a hurry to get out onto the track. I did see several drivers hustling through the crowd, including Tony Kanaan, Oriol Servia, Juan Montoya and Alex Tagliani. Surprisingly, the only one I saw out chatting it up with fans was the normally quiet and reserved Carlos Muñoz.


I was able to catch a glimpse of the silver Target car of Scott Dixon. The car is silver to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Chip Ganassi’s association with Target.


One thing I’ve noticed – this is going to be the year of the yellow car. Helio is certainly not the only driver to have a predominantly yellow car in the field. Ryan Hunter-Reay will have his usual yellow DHL car. Sage Karam will be in a mostly yellow car with lime green trim and Jacques Villeneuve will drive an all-yellow Dollar General car. There may be more, but that’s just what I’ve seen today.

Before I came in to post, there were only three cars on track; Villeneuve, Karam and Tagliani. I caught a shot of Villeneuve as he was coming back into the pits.


As i headed back, I thought I would visit one of the many merchandise shops to see if I could spot anything with the Verizon indyCar logo on it. I finally did, but it wasn’t anything ‘d buy. Tank tops aren’t really my thing. But hey, at least they have something. Maybe they’ll have a supply by next weekend.


As I was about to get on the elevator, I ran into Pippa Mann who was getting off. She was still dressed in her civilian clothes. i asked her when she was going out and she said later this afternoon – weather permitting. Everyone keeps talking about this weather system that’s on its way. As I look to the west, I see blue skies. A check of the radar shows nothing. But if teams think weather is on its way, why are they not out now. I’ve been typing for about fifteen minutes. In that time, I have not heard a single car on track.

I would thuink teams would be trying to run while they can. The forecast for the entire week looks bad until Friday. By then, it will have gone through. The projected high for Friday is supposed to be only 61-degrees. I’d better bring warmer clothes than what I have this weekend.

Anyway, I now hear cars on the track. Check back later. Maybe I’ll have more to report.

George Phillips


3 Responses to “A Calm Afternoon At IMS”

  1. George, TK said this morning the he will be driving the silver Target car starting tomorrow. he will be out in his red backup today.

  2. Matt B. (Dayton, Ohio) Says:

    Enjoying your posts George. Thanks!

  3. Jim Gray Says:

    While I definitely enjoyed the GP it sure put a damper on opening day festivities. Now I always like a day in which I get to roam freely so I wasn’t complaining too much, but it isnt the same. Opening day should be busy, packed, lines, excitement, cars flashing by, kids (and adults) in awe, I really hope those days aren’t in the past but I fear they are. Your description of IMS suffering a bit of a hangover perfectly described the scene.

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