Welcome To A Friday At IMS

It was an adventurous trip, but finally made it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What is normally little more than a four-hour drive took almost six. I came across not one, but two overturned tractor-trailers that completely blocked both lanes – one in Kentucky, and another just north of Seymour, IN. Then, as I pulled into the normally quiet credential office outside of Turn One – I was greeted by a long line of cars just waiting for a parking spot.

When I finally parked and went in, I was greeted by an even longer line to pick up credentials. As we worked our way up, a “yellow-shirt” announced that if you were picking up media credentials, we could by-pass the line and go the window to the right. Three of us jumped at it. When we got to “the window”, we learned that the yellow-shirt didn’t know what she was talking about and we would have to go all the way to the end of the line. Fortunately, the woman in front of me had a temper and a menacing look to go with it. As she relentlessly berated the person at the window, we were sent top another window where the person was instructed to help us next. oh well, if that’s the worst thing that happenes over the next three weekends, I guess I can’t complain.

After all – only an ungrateful idiot would complain when situated where I an currently sitting – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I just got checked in to the Media Center, said Hi to a few old friends I haven’t seen since last May and jotted down this quick post.

It’s cloudy and cool here. It was hot, muggy and raining when  left Nashville. It rained here before I got her. When I got out of the car, it was noticeably cooler than when I got into it. My phone says it is 66-degrees, but with a very stiff breeze, it seems cooler than that. It is supposed to warm into the 80’s by Sunday.

I’m now about to go meet up with some friends and go sample the new tenderloins provided by the new concessions vendor – Levy’s. I’ll be sure and give a review later today.

And oh, by the way, IndyCar Qualifying takes place at 2:00 EDT – just a little more than an hour from now. I need to wrap this up quickly.

Check back later.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “Welcome To A Friday At IMS”

  1. I am now kicking myself for not calling in sick and tagging along with you for the day… Anyway, enjoy, George, for those of us too dim to make our way to The Track this weekend.

  2. JohnMc Says:

    Interesting results!! Saavedra and Hawksworth are a bit of a surprise. A good surprise, too. I don’t think this will be a parade because the track seems a bit racy. What do you think George?

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