2014 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest

Every year that this site has been in existence, there has been an Indianapolis 500 trivia contest. It started out as a multiple choice quiz, but that seemed too easy. For the last two to three years, it has been short answer. Each year there are a few repeat questions, but for the most part – they are fresh. I don’t get these out of a book or from the Speedway’s website. Instead, I listen to old podcasts from Donald Davidson’s The Talk of Gasoline Alley. When I hear something of interest, I jot it down and save it for the following May.

Some year’s, people have played for pride. Other years, there have been minor prizes at stake, like some Oilpressure.com swag. This year’s prize is the same as last year’s – a set of four Ron Burton prints of Indy cars from the sixties – compliments of my One Take Only cohort John McLallen (he has a few of these). I have vowed to send them out by mid-June at the latest. Last year’s poor winner, BryanBe, patiently waited until I got around to sending them in February. I’ll do better this time.

Participants will have nearly two weeks to get their entries to me. I will accept entries e-mailed to me at geophillips14@gmail.com up until 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday May 20. Please number your answers. Any entries without numbered answers will not be graded. Although there is a tie-breaker, the ultimate tie-breaker will be who gets theirs in first. The winner or winners will be announced on Wed May 21 along with the correct answers.

Without any more fanfare, here are this year’s questions. Good Luck!

1. Who holds the record as the youngest pole-sitter for the Indianapolis 500?

2. What car owner was the first to officially enter a turbine for the Indianapolis 500? What year?

3. When Bill Vukovich was fatally injured in the 1955 race, he was driving a car that had been driven the previous year by what driver?

4. What are the three major “firsts” associated with Louis Meyer?

5. Who is the all-time leader as pole-winner for the Indianapolis 500?

6. What famous driver was the son of a Metropolitan Opera singer?

7. Who was the fastest qualifier for the 1991 Indianapolis 500?

8. What year was the last full 500 mile race that Sid Collins covered?

9. What driver was a rookie in the 1964 race, then didn’t have his next start until 1971?

10. What driver had only three starts over a twenty-one year span?

11. What legendary car builder built winning cars for John Zink before moving on to Bob Wilke’s Leader Cards team?

12. Carl Fisher is known primarily for two notable achievements. One is being one of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What is the other?

13. What was the last year a Watson chassis appeared in the Indianapolis 500? Who was the driver?

14. Who was the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 without a riding mechanic or a relief driver? What was the year?

15. How many times has the Indianapolis 500 been shortened by rain? What were the years?

16. What driver did the Europeans refer to as an “American Jimmy (Clark)”?

17. Who was the driver known as the “Tinley Park Express”?

18. Which Rookie-of-the-Year was a graduate of Brown University?

19. What two drivers were fatally injured in practice behind the wheel of the powerful front-drive Novi?

20. What was the first year for Jim Nabors to sing “Back Home Again in Indiana”?

21. How many times has Roger Penske won the Indianapolis 500 as a car owner?

22. What owner is second to Roger Penske in total victories at the Indianapolis 500? How many?

23. When Graham Hill won the 1966 Indianapolis 500 as a rookie, he was the first rookie to win since what driver and in what year?

24. Who was the fastest qualifier for the 1960 Indianapolis 500?

25. What former Formula One champion made his Indianapolis 500 debut in a pink car?

26. What was the first year that the Indianapolis 500 was shown live on ABC?

27. Who is the only driver to appear in the Indianapolis 500 in five different decades?

28. What is the only car driven to back-to-back victories by two different drivers? What were the years and who were the drivers?

29. What happened every time Larry “Boom-Boom” Cannon qualified for the Indianapolis 500?

30. Who succeeded Paul Page in the ABC/ESPN booth in covering the Indianapolis 500?

31. Sid Collins had the longest tenure as the “Voice of the 500”. What announcer had the shortest tenure on the IMS Radio Network as “Voice of the 500”? How long was it?

32. When Al Unser broke his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1969, he missed the Indianapolis 500. What driver ultimately drove his car in the race?

33. Who was the last rookie to win the Indianapolis 500? What was the year?

Tie-breaker: Name the eight living drivers who drove both front-engine and rear- engine cars in the Indianapolis 500.


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  1. billytheskink Says:

    And the green flag waves…

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