Starting The Month On A Sour Note

Some love it. Some hate it. But One Take Only returns for a fourth season. If you’ve never watched one of our episodes – it is essentially two old coots sitting in my backyard talking racing. John McLallen and I are co-workers who share the bond of IndyCar racing. John was my best man when Susan and I married at IMS in 2012. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but we get along very well. However, this episode is in two parts because John talked too much and we ran about thirty seconds too far over to You Tube’s liking. Part Two starts immediately after Part One finishes.

There is no script and there are no notes. We don’t discuss what we’re going to talk about beforehand. We just start the camera and begin talking. It is also completely unedited. We do one take and that’s it, hence the name. Whatever we get, we get – for example; the bug that kept flying in my face from the moment we started, causing me to look like I’m on the verge of having a seizure. The result? Well, some actually enjoy it to the point that they ask for more. Others have begged me to stop doing these altogether. My thinking is that if you don’t like them, don’t watch them – just come back the next day.

By the way, speaking of the next day – tomorrow, I’ll have the sixth annual Indianapolis 500 Trivia contest – so be sure and check it out. As for the video, watch it at your own risk.

George Phillips



18 Responses to “Starting The Month On A Sour Note”

  1. George, you said in your video all the Rookies passed their Rookie Tests today but I’m pretty sure Sage Karem did not pass due to a mechanical issue and will have to complete it on the first day of practice for the 500.

    One other note from the ROP at IMS (I was there): Marco Andretti (or someone in the Snapple car) was out quite a bit following Huertas around, I shot it on video but nobody has mentioned it at all here in the Media or on any blog, or any IMS website. It is fairly rare for them to let the “regular” drivers out there during Rookie Orientation and wondered if you had any info as to why he (or that car) was out there? And why didn’t Foyt have Sato following Plowman around, you’d think Foyt would immediately say to his team “hell, if they can do it we can do it!” Lol!

    Great accents, by the way! I used to play Nashville a lot in my youth and miss those accents a ton! Friendliest girls in the country down there!

    • Ooops, just reviewed my video from yesterday and it was Kurt Busch Marco was following around, then they swapped for a few laps. I was confused because the livery has changed on Huertas’ car; it is now blue & white instead of red & white and IMS doesn’t usually allow Veterans on the track with Rookies during ROP.

      Also Plowman’s oval car he used yesterday is still in the red, white & blue ABC livery, not the cool “Coyote Red” retro livery I saw during the road course test.

    • Good job, George. Should have pulled a Miyagi on that fly and caught it with chopsticks.

      Phil, there were multiple tweets that Marco was there testing aerodynamic equipment for Indycar.

      • Thanks Al, I’m not a Twit so I wouldn’t have known, sorry, I kinda rely on, IndyCar, numerous blogs and Trackside With Cavin & Kevin for my news and it wasn’t reported at all at any of those outlets….

        • Ron Ford Says:

          Phil, I get my racing news from the same sources as you do, but apparently there are few non-twits left out there.

          • Ballyhoo Says:

            And I thought I was the probably the only non-twit in the group. I feel so 20th Century these days.

  2. dzgroundedeffects Says:

    Looks like I’ll be headed back to Nashville in Sept.. May I propose a guest spot on your show? 🙂

  3. Ron Ford Says:

    George, I always watch “One Take Only”. I enjoy the accents and or course, as with watching any live presentation, there is always the possibility of something unexpected happening. (like watching a weatherman getting stuck in the mud and so forth)

    Never-the-less, I will suggest that you keep your day job.

  4. 十月中旬将会有 !我们可以讨论美味巴菲特和奶油的大腿。

    • dzgroundedeffects Says:


      • 是的 !

        • 颂,你这个大笨蛋 !我不会让你去伟大的竞赛,在伟大的城市,所以,你可以把你的鸡蛋卷在另一个女人的莲花 !你呆在家里 !

          • dzgroundedeffects Says:


          • dzgroundedeffects Says:


  5. I enjoyed the almost argument over whether or not to do the fist bump.

    • redcar Says:

      Not surprised George despises the fistbump. He prefers a sweeping of the feathered hat whilst performing a gentlemanly bow. If John had been much later I’m sure he would’ve been challenged to a duel.

    • billytheskink Says:

      I did as well, and I also enjoyed this exchange late in take:

      “Can I pick/say two people?”

      I’m already sharpening my pencil for the trivia contest.

  6. Yannick Says:

    Thanks for the show, guys.

    Regarding the new Indy 500 qualifying format, I must say I really hope that it completely rains out one of the days (preferrably Saturday because that’s when less people will be watching), and as a result, the Verizon IndyCar Series would go back to the previous format of qualifying.

    One thing you have not discussed is that Franck Montagny will be warming up the seat of Kurt Bush in the #26 car at the GP of Indianapolis. Should there be rain and Bush has to go to Charlotte before the start of the Indy 500, do you think Montagny, who has never driven on an oval before, would become the replacement driver? It does not make sense for Andretti Autosport to have a guy on stand-by who has not even tried having his own rookie test so far, would it? So will we see Franck having his rookie test at some point during practise or will Andretti have somebody else on stand-by? If it’s the latter, there might be your 34th car.

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