Quick Wrap-Up From Barber

What a day! And for once, I don’t mean that in the best of ways. As I type, it’s after 7:00 and the race has been over for only a few minutes. Normally, we would be more than halfway back to Nashville. It will be a long night, so this will be a short post.

Ryan Hunter-Reay was the winner of a timed race. The Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama was a series of yellows, but it’s no one’s fault except for Mother Nature. Storms were supposed to come through on Monday and Tuesday. I believe this was essentially unpredicted. But the Verizon IndyCar Series dealt with it as best they could. It’s already starting to get dark, so I think they set the right time limit.

For once, Scott Dixon did not finish second – he finished third. Marco Andretti, who normally performs well at this track came in second, but he clearly had nothing for Hunter-Reay. Overall, it was a very good day for Michael Andretti. Chip Ganassi should be smiling too. His drivers recovered from what was a fairly miserable weekend. Aside from Dixon’s podium finish,Tony Kanaan worked his way from the back of the field to finish ninth. Charlie Kimball finished tenth.

What started out as a beautiful weekend on Friday and Saturday, turned wet, cloudy and cold on Sunday. It happens. Anyway, Susan and I need to get on the road. We both have to work in the morning. I am “hoping” to have a full post up tomorrow, but I can’t promise it. It depends on how well I can dictate to Susan while driving. It was still a fun weekend. After a weekend to relax, it’s three straight weekends in Indianapolis. I can’t wait. Thanks for following along this weekend.

George Phillips


4 Responses to “Quick Wrap-Up From Barber”

  1. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    Thanks very much to you and Susan George, travel safe and quick…

  2. I enjoyed the afternoon very much. It isn’t often that you get a lot of great interviews, discussion and IndyCar racing for 6 hours. I thought the race was fantastic and the use of the wet tires and then switching them added to it. The guys in the NBCSN booth kept me totally informed with the strategy as well as how the drivers were driving in these conditions. They were terrific! Also, Kevin Lee did a great job throughout the day and his work in the broadcast booth for the Indy Lights race was exceptional. He’s good!

  3. I too spent the entire afternoon with the race and thought NBCSN’s coverage was excellent. We were able to get to better know drivers who are not always in the limelight. I also salute the network for staying with the race until the end and even letting us have post race interviews.

    Thanks Susan and George for your first hand look at the race. I am looking forward to your month of May reviews.

  4. Thanks Oilpressures. Look forward to reading about your adventures (and opinions of) the Month of May.

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