An Afternoon Of Frustration

Just after my last post, things got extremely frustrating. The internet went down in the media center, meaning no one could post anything. There are rumors as to what happened from someone tripped over a cable and ripped it in two, to the entire router blew. Whatever the case, no one can connect. Cell connection is spotty here, especially when you are not a Verizon customer. Given the amount of people on the grounds today, I could not tweet or even check my own post. I suddenly felt cut off from the world.

Then the word spread that there was a huge storm heading our way and the race was to be pushed back – first to 3:30 and then 4:00. Suddenly, the rains came…and came. I’m very lucky to have some good friends with one of the major sponsors. We escaped to their trailer just before the downpour arrived. Fortunately, they have wi-fi, but it’s satellite – so the heavy rains have made that come and go. I’m finally able to get this post out.

It is 2:30 as I type. It is still pouring and thundering. I’ve heard nothing about an official start time, so we’ll stay tuned for that. Fortunately, we have managed to stay dry – unlike the fans that had set up throughout the grounds.

In the meantime, we did make it to the curious pairing of Joe Namath and Josef Newgarden doing a cooking demonstration. Joe Namath was his usual comical self, but Newgarden held his own and didn’t seem intimidated in the presence of Broadway Joe. Fortunately, Susan was able to get some decent pictures.

Hopefully, we can get the race underway. It’s a frustrating afternoon, but I’m happy that we are dry and now we have wi-fi. It’s embarrassing how dependent we get on our devices and internet connectivity. How did we survive twenty years ago? Actually, quite well. As the day moves, we’ll continue to post. I think Susan is working on something as I type. As NBCSN is currently running filler material – we’ll dio the same. Check back later.

George Phillips


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