“One Take Only” Wraps Up The 2013 Season

For better or worse, One Take Only returns to this site. For those that have made the wise choice to not watch these in the past, this is the occasional videoblog that is essentially me and my friend John McLallen (JohnMc) sitting and chatting about all things racing. It is uncut, unrehearsed a nd done without any notes or preparation. We simply start the camera and start talking. Sometimes, it shows.

This past weekend, John and I sat out in the backyard and discussed the IndyCar season that just wrapped up, Scott Dixon’s championship and Tony Kanaan’s move to Chip Ganassi Racing. We also speculated on the 2015 season. All in all, it was a nice fall afternoon to do some serious offseason bench-racing.

George Phillips


7 Responses to ““One Take Only” Wraps Up The 2013 Season”

  1. My first ‘OTO’ and I found it quite refreshing.
    No politically correct crap, no pressure from sponsors or networks to say the ‘right’ things “………… It was just like the guys in the bar.

    I think the true fan seldom gets their say …. And I enjoyed it. Good job.

  2. Hey George,
    Thanks for the take. It’s always fun to watch someone that you read.

    If you are searching for ideas for the winter I would be interested to hear more about your experience with the Formula One race at Indianapolis and if you think it has found a permanent home at the circuit of the Americas track. What I am getting at is this: it seems like from your comments that the Formula One race at Indy was mismatch , or, not appropriate for that venue. That it was too “European”for a place like Indy. The folks at IMS have a challenge. How to differentiate the Indy 500 from the new road course race at IMS. How are they going to market/sell the new road course race without any linkages to the Indy 500? What would keep it from going down the same road as the Formula One event ? It’s difficult to go to IMS and not get caught up in the history and tradition there witch is a huge strength for IMS and will that overcome the challenge of creating a new event with its own identity. In my mind you can’t relate the new road course race to the Indy 500 because it will dilute the Indy 500. It has to be treated as a completely separate event but From my understanding The intent is to support the month of May , or bolster it. So what is their goal? Any insights? Thanks.

  3. I just thought of a more concise way to word this question : how do two related events stay unrelated when they share a common goal which is to boost ticket sales for the month of May?

  4. George, just a friendly suggestion: Lose the toy car and replace it with a couple of beers.

    • billytheskink Says:

      Why not both? Bracket Foyt’s 1964 winner with beer and call it the Old Milwaukee Mile Winner…

      Always enjoy these George and John, hope to see a few more before the not-7-month offseason is over.

  5. The Lapper Says:

    That was fun guys. As for the off-season, I’m inlined to go with John and start the 1st weekend in March. That is a complete six month season. Add the talked about foreign races for September and October/Novenmber and we fans will come out pretty darn good.

  6. You want culture shock? Try going to Mid-Ohio IndyCar weekend and then go back two weeks later for Nationwide. All I can say is WOW!

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