Random Pics From Race Weekend

Well, the 97th Running of the indianaopolis 500 is in the books – and it was one for the books. I can only imagine how Tony Kanaan feels this morning. Parnelli Jones claims that the night he won the 500, he kept waking up and running into the bathroom to look into the mirror to see if he had dreamt the whole thing or if he really won. After coming up short in eleven previous attempts – I imagine Kanaan had a couple of pinch-me moments last night.

Susan and I reluctantly head back to Nashville today. It’s been a whirlwind Month of May for us, but very enjoyable. After three straight weekends of travelling to Indianapolis, it’s hard to believe it’s all over. We’re still riding a high right now, but the expected depression will set in a couple of days from now. Fortunately, there are not one, but two races this weekend. The first of three IndyCar double headers is this weekend at Belle Isle in Detroit. So there is a race on Saturday and another one on Sunday.

I may or may not take a short break from here. I had planned on taking a break this week, but I still feel like I may have more to say about the race once I watch the DVR. We’ll see. Check back throughout the week, but no promises until next Monday June 3rd. In the meantime, here are some pics from this past weekend.

Roadsters Helio Hinch Parnelli Autograph Uncle bobby Wilson Mears Grid Chaos Dario Grid IMG_1305

Thanks for following all through the month. It’s been a blast and  can’t wait for another forty-nine weeks to do it all over again.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “Random Pics From Race Weekend”

  1. I notice the Gould Charge has no visible lettering on the tires, although the GoodYear decals are clearly visible on the car.

  2. What a terrific weekend. I can’t think of a better race.

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