Good Morning From The Speedway!

Welcome to Race Day at IMS! My paranoia about my route not working never came to pass – and that’s a good thing. We made it here in record time. We left our hotel at 6:20 and were parked inside the track by 6:45. The downside to that is that the rest of my crew in my car kept reminding me they could be sleeping right now. Of course, my thought is – sleep tomorrow, this is Race Day.

The weather loks much better than it did yesterday. the system that threatened the start of the race moved through last night –much quicker than normal. It’s currently fifty-four degrees with a projected high of seventy-two. The sun is trying to break out but the chances of rain have been lessened. It should be absolutely perfect by the drop of the green flag.

One racing note, Charlie Kimball was absent from yesterday’s driver’s meeting and the parade due to illness. He is reportedly receiving IV’s this morning. I know nothing more than that story for the moment.

OK…we’re heading out to take it all in. I’ll post some more before the race. Check back here or follow us on Twitter. Follow me at @Oilpressureblog and Susan at @chiapet58. Check back later.

George Phillips


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