Raining Buckets At IMS

What was shaping up as a very fast Fast Friday, is now threatened by weather. As I type, thunder is rumbling through Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Just as I typed that, the monsoon hit. Fortunately, there was plenty of warning it was coming and everyone had time to run for cover, including the teams. Most, if not all of the cars were towed to the garage area before the rains came.

At first, my stubbornness told me it would miss us. Looking at the radar on my phone, I thought it would blow past us. I was wrong. The dark clouds approaching from the south told me it might be wise to head to cover, so I left those I was with and headed to the safe confines of the Media Center. the pictures below show the approaching clouds and the downpour that hit just a few minutes later.


Before all that, there was speed and a lot of it. EJ Viso was about the only Andretti Autosport driver to not be at the top of the charts all week, so he took care of that early on. A little over an hour into the session, Viso posted a 229.537 – by far the fastest of the month. I was reminded earlier that it has been almost ten years since the 230 mph barrier was broken, so speeds are definitely up. Two of his teammates were nipping at his heels, however. Marco Andretti posted a 228.754 for second quickest of the day, while rookie Carlos Munoz was third quick at 228.520.

With various interruptions here, it has taken me about thirty minutes to write just a few paragraphs. Now, they rain has all but stopped. However, they just announced that track activity is done for the day. So if the 230 mph barrier is to be broken, it will have tio be tomorrow.I’m not leaving, though. Once the rain stops, I’m going to roam the garage area and see what’s going on there.

I should have another post up here to close out the day. Please check back later.

George Phillips


One Response to “Raining Buckets At IMS”

  1. madtad1 Says:

    I blame you for the rain, George. “it’s going to miss us, I know it!” Uh huh! LOL

    That lightening was some seriously scared stuff, and there were still people sitting in the grandstands! “Paging Mr. Darwin”

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