2013 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for the annual Oilpressure.com Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest. As usual, there are thirty-three questions listed below that are guaranteed to make you sweat a little bit. Last year, I thought there was no chance that anyone would get them all correct. Not only did someone do it, a lot of people did it. So I had to revert to scoring the last lap – I looked to see which of the all-correct answers I received first.

It’s pretty simple. The questions are listed below. They are all short answer, and no multiple choice. Get your answers in early, because even getting them all correct doesn’t mean you win the prize. Like last year, the ultimate tie-breaker is the timestamp on the e-mail – so don’t let this thing sit for a few days before getting to it.

What is the prize? The same as last year – a set of four Ron Burton IndyCar prints from the sixties, featuring the cars of Parnelli Jones, AJ Foyt, Jim Clark and Mario Andretti. These come compliments of my very good friend and “One Take Only” cohort John McLallan. Last year’s winner, BillyTheSkink” framed his and proudly e-mailed pictures of his prize hanging on his wall. These are nice vintage collectables.

So, get those books out and e-mail your answers to me at geophillips14@gmail.com . Your answers will be due by 6:00 pm Central Daylight Time on Wednesday May 15. Oh, and please number your questions. Last year, several people just ran their answers together with no numbers, in paragraph form. It took way too much time to go through and figure out what part went to what question. I don’t really have the patience for that. If it’s too hard to figure out what the answer goes to, I’ll just move on to the next one. I’m too old to do that much work.

Good luck!

1. Rick Mears has won the pole at the Indianapolis 500 a record six times. Three drivers are tied for second with four poles each. Name the three drivers.

2. What driver was Mark Donohue’s teammate at Penske, then later Johnny Rutherford’s teammate at McLaren?

3. Legendary Chief Mechanic Jud Phillips had a career span in the Indianapolis 500 from 1950 to 1981. How many total teams did he work for in that time?

4. Who is generally credited with coining the phrase “roadster”?

5. Since Marlboro is no longer associated with Team Penske, Target is currently the longest continuous primary sponsor with the same team in the IZOD IndyCar Series. Which current team has the second longest partnership with a primary sponsor?

6. Driver Cal Niday drove in the Indianapolis 500 with what limitation?

7. Grant King was known for building knock-off versions of successful cars, such as Coyotes, Eagles and McLarens. In the early seventies, his cars were known as a Kingfish. In the later seventies, his cars were called what?

8. Lola was the dominant chassis in IndyCar racing in the late eighties and early nineties. How many times has a Lola won the Indianapolis 500?

9. What was the real name of the driver that Jigger Sirois was named after?

10. When was the only time that two consecutive Italian-born drivers won the Indianapolis 500? Who were the drivers?

11. Who was the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 and the season championship in the same season (not retroactively)?

12. For various reasons, many drivers have won the Indianapolis 500 and not returned the following year to defend their crown. Who was the first winning driver to not return the following year?

13. What car number has won the most Indianapolis 500’s? How many times has it won?

14. Who was the last driver born in France to win the Indianapolis 500?

15. What driver won the Indianapolis 500 by leading the fewest laps?

16. When was the first time the Indianapolis 500 was won on a last lap pass?

17. When Tony Bettenhausen was fatally injured in practice for the 1961 Indianapolis 500, he was driving a car that had previously won the 500. Which race-winning car was he driving?

18. On three separate occasions, the Indianapolis 500 has been won by a rookie driver in consecutive years. Who are the drivers and the years they won?

19. Who was the first diabetic driver to race in the Indianapolis 500?

20. Who are the only two drivers to win the Indianapolis 500 in three different decades?

21. Roger Penske is the most successful primary car-owner in Indianapolis 500 history with a record fifteen wins. Who is currently second on that list, with how many victories?

22. From 1947 to 1955, the traditional bottle of milk was not offered to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. What were the drivers offered to drink instead?

23. What chassis manufacturer has recorded the highest number of Indianapolis 500 victories?

24. What was the nickname that Wilbur Shaw gave his wife?

25. On eight different occasions, the defending Indianapolis 500 champion finished second the following year after winning. Who was the last defending champion to do this?

26. Who are the five drivers who have won the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One World Championship?

27. What year was Sid Collins named the Chief Announcer for the IMS Radio Network?

28. There have been several sponsors of the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Award over the years. Who was the original sponsor?

29. It is well-documented that a driver with the last name of Smith has never qualified for the Indianapolis 500. Who was the last Smith to attempt to qualify and in what year?

30. Al Unser is the all-time leader in laps led at the Indianapolis 500 with 644. Who is the leader among current drivers in laps led?

31. It is now popular to get a celebrity to drive the pace car at the start of the Indianapolis 500. Aside from AJ Foyt driving in the Centennial Race in 2011, when was the last time a former driver drove the pace car?

32. Who was the first rookie to qualify on the pole?

33. What was the last year that an artist other than Jim Nabors sang “Back Home Again in Indiana”?

Tie Breaker: Legendary Chief Mechanic George Bignotti has seven Indianapolis 500 victories. Who were the drivers and in what years?


One Response to “2013 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest”

  1. JohnMc Says:

    An awesome contest George and it will be a pleasure to send these beautiful Ron Burton prints to the Indy fan who can answer these questions.

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