It’s Race Day At Barber

Good morning from Race Day at Barber Motorsports Park. The weather is much warmer than this time yesterday and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. It could not be more perfect for a day at the track. I’m hoping that other people feel the same way, because they need a good crowd here today. Based on the drive into the track this morning, I’m a little concerned. It was way too easy getting in. There was no line at the exit off of I-20, nor a line at the entrance to the park. I thought surely there would be a backup at the main gate. That was not the case. I barely even slowed down as they just waved us through.

Hopefully, everyone is sleeping in and plan to arrive later. If they get here, I feel like they are going to see a heck of a race this afternoon. It would also be nice to have a full crowd since the official announcement that this race has been extended through 2016, will come at 11:30 this morning.

As Susan mentioned in her post last night, the “gorgeous facility” is not as gorgeous this year. But that is through no fault of the track – it is due to Mother Nature. It has been such a cold and late spring this year, none of the dogwoods or azaleas have bloomed and the normally manicured grass is still mostly brown. So much for global warming.

We are going to wrap up here in a minute and go mingle in the garage area. Don’t forget, if you are on Twitter – you can follow me (@Oilpressureblog) or Susan (@chiapet58) for pictures and semi-astute comments throughout the day. I’ll (try to) be back for one more post before the race begins.

George Phillips


One Response to “It’s Race Day At Barber”

  1. Donald McElvain Says:

    Hoping you two have delightful, fun and safe day.

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