A Day At Qualifying

By Susan Phillips

The hardest part for me this weekend has been what do I wear? We begin the day in the high 40’s and by late afternoon it is in the high 70’s. We have had a great day watching qualifying, we have seen lots of friends and met some new people.

We made it to qualifying with plenty of time to spare after I forced George to stop at Savage’s Bakery—I remember those cinnamon rolls from a press check I did down here in 2002. They did not disappoint. And yes, I did get Mr. Single-minded Race Guy to make unplanned stop. So those of you who think of George as unwavering from the plan, here’s proof that he does move outside the box on occasion—maybe food is the trick.

I guess it is overstated about what a gorgeous track Barber Motorsports Park is, but it still remains such. We have had a really cold spring, so the grass is not as green as usual, but we have seen some signs of spring here. There was a lot of rain a few days ago and there are still some areas of mud, but that has not deterred any fans. In fact the weather is pretty much perfect for a race weekend.

The fan village seems to have expanded this year, with lots to do and a handy Firestone bracelet for fans to scan at each tent. I even dragged George in to a trivia tent—he is a great one to bring to trivia events—eventually they throw him out because he pretty much remembers everything. You could sign Charlie Kimball’s IndyCar spin-to-win prizes and tweet-ups for fans. There is a good crowd this day of qualifying and everyone is having a good time.

The biggest question this year is “What has happed to the Lady of the Lake?” We have heard she moved out of state to reside in another lake. I hope the following photo will help those who miss the Lady of the Lake and well–it could be a lot worse.



3 Responses to “A Day At Qualifying”

  1. Steve K Says:

    Well done!

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Great picture there.

    Remembering Rahal’s promise from a year ago, George had better hope Graham doesn’t win…

  3. Susan, it is not overstated how beautiful Barber is. It is the best road we race on.

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