Finally At Barber Motorsports Park

Marriage makes a big difference in a man’s life. Normally on the Friday of Barber weekend, I leave Nashville at 6:00 am – but that was in my single days. I am now a happily married man, with emphasis on the word “happily”. The only difference was that this year we didn’t leave Nashville until 8:30am. Hmmm…..

Oh, well. From what I understand, it was cold and cloudy here this morning. The sun is now out and it is warming up nicely. I may actually have to shed the sweatshirt before much longer.

For whatever reason, they did not have our names down in the credentialing area this year, even though I was approved two weeks ago. The phrase “Don’t you know who I am?” didn’t carry ant weight either. Fortunately, I had the approval e-mail in my phone, so that sufficed as proof that I was the lowly blogger that I proclaimed to be.

We missed the start of the IndyCar practice but have been able to watch it now that we’re here. As I type, Tristan Vautier has the fastest time, while Scott Dixon is second. Will Power is third, while Dario Franchitti runjs fourth. Simona de Silvestro rounds out the top five, with twelve minutes remaining in today’s first of two practices..

We are going to go roam and catch up with some old friends. It’s a beautiful day here. Check back here soon.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “Finally At Barber Motorsports Park”

  1. 8:30?! That just won’t stand!

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