Be Charitable With A 2013 IndyCar Calendar

With everyone having access to a calendar through Outlook or their Smartphone, one would think that the printed wall-calendar had gone the way of the Watson roadster. But as I look around my office, I see that almost everyone I work with – young and not so young – still have a calendar hanging in their office. Some have more than one, so obviously – they are still in high demand.

With that being the case, if you are going to have one – why not have one that decorates your office, cubicle or kitchen with photos of cars and drivers of the IZOD IndyCar Series? Not only is the official calendar now available for $15.99 (plus shipping & handling), but all proceeds go to support three charities that are near and dear to the heart of the series.

Racing For Cancer – is the charity co-founded by driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, who lost his mother to colon cancer in November 2009. It was formed to unite motorsports fans around the world to help those afflicted with cancer and to promote early detection and prevention initiatives that support the global fight against cancer. Their mission is simple – to beat cancer. To learn more about Racing For Cancer, please visit their website here.

The Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation – was founded by former driver and car-owner Sam Schmidt, who is a quadriplegic as a result from a testing crash in 2000. While hospitalized with his own injuries, Sam realized how fortunate he was to have his family to support him as well as the resources to pay for his care. Finding a cure for paralysis drives him daily. Their mission is to lead the charge for a cure for paralysis. His goal is three-fold – first is to find a cure through medical research. Secondly, he hopes funds raised by his foundation will help to develop more innovative equipment used for rehabilitation. Third, he seeks to improve the quality of life of those afflicted with spinal cord injuries. Visit their web site here.

Racing For Kids – Was founded in 1992. Former driver and current team co-owner Robbie Buhl has been heavily involved since their beginning. At the heart of the program are visits to Children’s Hospitals by the Racing For Kids drivers in the cities where they race. The drivers spend time with each sick child, sharing stories about their racing careers, signing autographs and giving out the distinctive Racing For Kids hats. For many hospitalized youngsters, these visits by the racers are the lone bright spot in what is often a rather gloomy experience. Attending physicians report that these visits play an important part in each child’s recovery therapy.

Another important aspect of the Racing For Kids program is the funding that has been raised for Children’s Hospitals across the country. Since its inception, Racing For Kids has raised more than $5.2 million through donations, specific fund-raising events and in-kind gifts. Read more about Racing For Kids here.

I had the Official IndyCar Calendar for 2011. I’ll admit that I failed to purchase one for this past year, but I have already placed my order for two of the 2013 calendars. These will make a great Christmas gift to any IndyCar fan, or more importantly – to a potential new fan.

Help spread the word about the IZOD IndyCar Series this Christmas season with a great looking calendar and help out three very important charities at the same time. To order your Official 2013 IndyCar calendar, click here.

George Phillips


6 Responses to “Be Charitable With A 2013 IndyCar Calendar”

  1. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    Have purchased four of them…

  2. Simon Garfunkel Says:

    Thanks for the reminder George. These make great holiday gifts and support worthy causes.

    • I kind of resent the implications or your poll George. I’m a fairly charitable guy but i’m a cheap SOB when it comes to calendars. You’d be hard pressed to find a calendar in my office or home that cost more than $2. Free is good. Charity is charity. If I feel that a charity deserves my hard earned bucks, I’ll send it to them. Calendars are free.

      • You might want to lighten up. I’m thinking the poll was made with humor in mind. I seriously doubt that any real implication of not being charitable was intended.

  3. Going to order a few right now. Thanks for the info.

  4. Mark Fresher Says:

    I just shared this on my facebook page and I am sure it will get a few orders from my INDYCAR faithful. Thanks again for the heads up.

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