A Good One To Miss

Greetings from sunny (and surprisingly cool) Indian Rocks Beach, FL – located on the Gulf coast, just north of St. Petersburg and just south of Clearwater. It is here that Susan and I are wrapping up our honeymoon, which has been nothing short of absolutely perfect. Our beachfront condo was perfect. The weather was perfect (one rainy day in the middle of the week we spent here – just right to give our sunburns a rest).


With all the perfection going on and Sunday being the last full day of honeymooning, I actually made the decision to not watch what is usually a boring race from Belle Isle – even though I had Susan’s full blessings to do so. But as luck would have it, by the time we decided to go up and eat a late lunch, the race was just starting.

We watched the first thirty-three laps, but when the pavement started coming up, the beach was calling. We came back in and saw the last six laps on ESPN News. For the record, Scott Dixon led a Honda top-three podium sweep. From what I saw, this race was a snoozer. I did hear the announcers talking about some great restarts, but I missed those.

Based on what I saw, it was a good race to miss. From what I’ve seen at Belle Isle in the past – I figured it would be, I’m, glad I chose to spend the day the way I did. I’ll be back here on Wednesday and on my regular Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, when I re-enter the real world. Thanks for the time off.

George Phillips


8 Responses to “A Good One To Miss”

  1. I am NOT a fan of Belle Isle. That had to have been an embarrassment for not only the series, but for Detroit as well. Penske has egg on his face and the Hondas smoked Chevrolet two weeks in a row.

  2. Glad to hear you guys are having a wonderful time. You’ve inspired me. I think when Indycar returns to Belle Isle next year I’m going to spend the day at the beach too.

  3. I love Indycar but Belle Isle was a display of everything that is wrong with it. A non-passing parade course, fuel strategy, poor starts and restarts. They need to completely re-do that twisty to make it competitive and safe or not go back.

  4. I love road courses and I like some street courses, yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good race at Belle Isle. The place needs some serious earthworks to make a good race track. Or they could just go up the road to MIS. I miss MIS.

    Happy to see you both enjoyed your honeymoon.

  5. George B. Says:

    Three letters that make too much sense in today’s Indycar world for the Detroit area – MIS!!!!!!!! After seeing what this new car did last week at Indy it could really be an exciting race as Michigan alllows for two plus wide racing all around the track. Indycar missed the boat coming off the 500 to run a boring street course race. Whatever new fans they gained the previous week are probably lost after that debacle yesterday.

  6. billytheskink Says:

    The most exciting thing to ever happen at Belle Isle was Juan Montoya’s pole-winning qualifying run in 1999. Seriously.

    Nuff Ced…

  7. Steve K Says:

    I went to the race and couldn’t have had a better time. I personally love to go to street races because there is much more to do then at an oval in the middle of nowhere. For example we checked out the Henry Ford museum on Saturday in Dearborn, hit up a casino (did not go well), had great dinners in Greek Town, and of course enjoyed a bar or two.

    As for the race itself I sat in turn one and saw much action during the first 42 laps. And yes by action I do mean passes. For all the crap EJ Viso has taken, he helped make the first 30. He of course held up a train of cars which reminded me of a good GP2 race. RHR couldn’t make the pass, but the cars behind him made several passes within the train. Rahal made several nice passes going into turn 1. Did ABC botch another broadcast?

    The other aspect of the race that seems to be overlooked is the dominance of Scott Dixon. He destroyed the great Will Power on a street course and we may actually have a championship battle. Before Indy I thought it was over. Do people realize Dixon has about as many wins as Dario and Helio but is nine and seven years younger and has started 46 and 57 less races that the other two. He is on pace to perhaps challenge AJ Foyt on the all time wins list. He will almost assuredly pass Mario for second. Dixon seems to be unappreciated.

    It was of course a shame the track didn’t hold up. The crowd got a great laugh when RHR commented on the situation by saying they were just Michigan roads. The track held up for the Grand Am race, the Lights Race, and the GP Challenge races. What are the odds it couldn’t make it for another 50 laps. My girlfriend and I had to leave due to her early Monday morning job, but I did not leave upset at anyone. It sounded like Dixon was just too much the last 15 laps. Judging by the YouTube highlights there was some nice PASSES on the restarts. Amazing Dario can finish second in a race when starting 14th in a race with no passing.

    It wasn’t as bad a race as I am reading. It just sounds to me like your generic street course hating IndyCar fan kicking the event when it’s down due to some unfortunate circumstances with the track.

    • Herman Flowers Says:

      The only reason I watch Indycar on street or road race courses is because I watch A.J.s cars.Fans of that type of racing have several other classes of cars to watch that form of racing,but Indy cars on those street or parking lot tracks are a joke.

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