Good Morning From IMS

We had a fairly uneventful trip into the track this morning, which is a massive improvement over last year’s fiasco. We did have a verbal altercation with a young, over-zealous police officer. I generally support our law-enforcement officials, but when I merely asked why we couldn’t make the same right-hand turn we’ve always made from Kessler Blvd. onto 16th Street – I was greeted with a barrage of remarks saying he wasn’t going to put up with my attitude and I had to go to the end of the line on 16th. Of course, I waited until I was driving off to get my jabs in – but he recognized me when we got back up to the intersection one hour later. He purposely held us as he allowed the other lane to contine. He then glared as we drove through the intersection and Susan snapped his evil picture. not long after that, we actually heard gunshots behind us. We figured someone else said the wrong thing and he got even. He will have a long and miserable day with that mindset.

our grouop is all here except for John McLallen – my best man last week and my One Take Only cohort. When we got in the line of traffic at 5:30, I called him to ask where he was. I woke him up. We may see him by Lap 150.

OK…we’re finally up here in the media center, where we’ve renewed acquaintances with fellow bloggers we haven’t seen since Race Day of last year. The media center is all abuzz this morning. As I type, IMS CEO Jeff Belskus, INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard and all other top brass are announcing that the series is extending the contract with ApexBrasil – one of the strongest supporters of our series. The newest contract will now run through 2014. This is big in a lot of ways. It lends stability to continue a strong relationship, but it will also help to grow this sport in Brazil.

The weather for today is on everyone’s mind. The hottest race day on record is 93-degrees in 1937, when Wilbur Shaw beat the heat and the field on his way to victory. It was a very pleasant 72-degrees driving in this morning, but it is supposed to hit 95 before the race is over. Our cooler is stocked with more Gatorade than Coke or adult beverages in anticipation. I feel pretty good right now despite the fact that we didn’t get back to the hotel from a wedding (not ours) until 11:00. We got up at 3:30. However, the heat later on will take it’s toll – especially since our seats are behind the pits and in the sun.

We’re about to go roam and do my pit walk. I love this time of day at the track. Check back in a bit.

George Phillips


One Response to “Good Morning From IMS”

  1. In the 25+ years that I went to the race before I moved to Florida, I never had trouble getting to the track. We came in on I-74, took back streets to 14th right by Main Street and parked in Hank’s back yard ($20). It was only 3 blocks to the track. After the race it was back streets back to I-74. We never had a traffic problem. As a side note, in all those 25 years my friend Scott Williamson was with me. Our group started when I was 29 and he was 15. He is now part owner of the Fan Force United team car #64 driven by Jean Alesi. As he emailed me “Dreams do come true!”

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