Boy, Is It Hot?

Susan and I just did our pit walk this morning. They were just starting to grid the cars on the track, but we walked freely on the track while the mob was milling about in the pits. As usual, I enjoyed it very much and it provided some much needed solitude after a hectic morning.

I think in the short time we were out there, the temperature rose ten degrees. It is now no longer pleasant. In fact, the heat and humidity is stifling at 10:30. I can’t imagine what it will be like at 3:00.

I was glad to see that John McLallen made it to our seats. He is bringing his twelve year-old son Jack to his first Indianapolis 500. I hope his is as memorable as mine was at age six.

We’re about to head to the car to go get the cooler and head to our seats. It’s almost time. I won’t have anymore posts until after the race. Enjoy the race, everyone. I know I will. Check back this afternoon.

George Phillips


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