“One Take Only” From IMS

Before collectively rolling your eyes and surfing over to somewhere else, I want you to know that this episode of One Take Only is much shorter than usual – it’s only about four minutes, as opposed to the usual fifteen minutes (or more). But John and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mug for the camera with cars running at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a backdrop. We usually use a tripod, but being “on location”; Susan had to hold it and her arm was getting tired. Perhaps we should always have her hold it so we’ll know when to shut up.

We talk about my weekend wedding at IMS, the whole experience of being at the Speedway and of course – we make our picks for the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500. It’s worth a look just to see cars running around the track, here in mid-week.

George Phillips


6 Responses to ““One Take Only” From IMS”

  1. The Lapper Says:

    Best one ever!

  2. Bob West Says:

    It’s worth having the input from the racing scene ! Locally , in St. Louis , the TV media almost always ignores racing news and views unless there’s “an incident” . Sensational crashes are “news items” , but highlights of most races seldom make the “tube” . Too bad for racing fans , St. Louis is a “baseball town” as far as the TV media is concerned . Keep it coming guys — long live real racing news and views !

  3. Wait…you and John got married??? I thought you were married to Susan??? Didn’t know they allowed such things at IMS…

  4. billytheskink Says:

    Very cool with the cars on track behind you.

  5. It must be nice, George, to look over to the “iconic” IMS scoring tower to check the positions of the drivers during your show. 🙂

  6. You and “Steve”….I mean “John” put together a good one here. Great to meet you both last weekend. I’m lousy with names and felt awful about my Twitter fail after walking away in the garage area. Congrats to you and your bride. All the best.

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