And The Winner Is…

When I came up with the questions for this year’s trivia contest, I really thought that this thing was too hard, especially considering that none of them were multiple choice. I was wondering if anyone would even get eighty percent correct, and I just knew that getting them all right was about as likely as a Lotus landing on the pole for Sunday’s race. But lo and behold, not only did one person get them all correct – several people did; even counting the tiebreaker. So, how to solve this dilemma? Revert to the scoring of the previous lap, which means to see who got their correct entry in first.

That honor goes to longtime commenter on this site; “Billy The Skink” who hails from Houston, TX (real names are withheld to protect those that are supposed to be working during the day). “Billy” was the first to submit an entry that was 100% correct, including the tiebreaker. He sent his in on May 11 at 10:13 am. Excuse me for not emphasizing that the earliest entry submitted would be a factor – but there needed to be some way to break a tie between perfect entries. Before you contact your attorney’s to file a protest, keep in mind that this was only a game on a lowly blogger’s site.

Of course, the author (me) isn’t perfect. After doing my research and being convinced on a few questions involving the “only so & so to do something”, I found out that there was actually more than one “so &so”, so a couple of questions had some other “acceptable” answers.

Anyway, congratulations to “Billy The Skink” for winning the 2012 trivia contest. He has certainly proven himself to be Donald Davidson worthy and will be receiving his four Ron Burton prints (generously donated by John McLallen) in the mail shortly. The response was almost overwhelming this year. Thanks for all those that took part and I guess I’ll have to toughen it up next year.

And now, the answers:

1.  Over 100 years, only three drivers have ever been able to claim that they have led the most laps all-time in the history of the Indianapolis 500. Who are they? Ray Harroun, Ralph de Palma, Al Unser

2.  Who was Cyrus Patschke? Ray Harroun’s relief driver

3.  The winner of the Indianapolis 500 has been drinking milk in Victory Lane for every consecutive year since what year? 1956

4.  What was the final year for a Watson chassis to race at Indianapolis? 1980

5.  What type of chassis was Al Unser first assigned to in his rookie year at Indianapolis? Rear-engine Weisman-Maserati. He didn’t get the Foyt Lola until the last day of qualifying

6.  Who is believed to be the only driver to have driven in the 500, served in World War II and returned to race again at the Indianapolis 500? Sam Hanks or Emil Andres (Both Accepted)

7.  Legendary car owner Andy Granatelli also owned STP. What did STP stand for? Scientifically Tested Product or Scientifically Treated Petroleum (Both Accepted)

8.  What famous NASCAR team ran pit stops for Jim Clark when he won the Indianapolis 500 in 1965? The Wood Brothers

9.  What happened every time that Larry “Boom-Boom” Cannon started the Indianapolis 500? Johnny Rutherford won all three times

10.  What was the first year that a Lola chassis raced at Indianapolis and who was the driver? 1965 – Al Unser and/or Bud Tingelstad

11.  Name all of the members of the Andretti & Unser families that have won Rookie of the Year in the Indianapolis 500? Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti, John Andretti, Marco Andretti– no Unsers

12.  Who was the first father/son combination that attempted to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 and in what year? Jim & James McElreath in 1977

13.  What was the last year a Chevy engine won the Indianapolis 500? 2002

14.  What was legendary Chief Mechanic George Bignotti’s “other” profession? Florist

15.  The current track record was set with what car/engine/tire combination? Reynard/Ford/Firestone

16.  How many different engine manufacturers started the 1995 Indianapolis 500? Name them. Four – Menard, Mercedes, Ford, Honda

17.  In what year did the “new” garages first appear at IMS? 1986

18.  Who was AJ Foyt’s first car owner for the Indianapolis 500? Al Dean – The Dean Van Lines Special

19.  What team did Al Unser drive for in his last season to practice for the Indianapolis 500? Arizona Motorsports – 1994

20.  What was Paul Tracy’s sponsor in the controversial 2002 Indianapolis 500? 7-Eleven Big Gulp (7-Eleven is acceptable)

21.  What year was the scheduled distance shortened to 300 miles? 1916

22.  What was the average career finishing position in the Indianapolis 500 for driver George Souders? Second – He was first in 1927 and third in 1928

23.  Who is the only driver to ever lead the Indianapolis 500 while wearing a beard? Michael Andretti in 2006

24.  What Rookie of the Year winner in the nineties ran under an assumed name? Lyn St. James

25. There are three drivers that had only one leg, who have driven in the Indianapolis 500. Name them. Al Miller, Cal Niday and Bill Schindler

26.  What driver holds the record for fewest laps completed, yet still running at the end of the Indianapolis 500? What was the year? Jerry Karl in 1973 – 22 laps

27.  Who was the last riding mechanic turned driver to drive in the Indianapolis 500 and in what year? Jimmy Jackson in relief for Duane Carter in 1954

28.  Who was the first driver to use a full-faced helmet in the Indianapolis 500? Dan Gurney in 1968

29.  What was the first year that women were allowed into the pits at IMS? 1971

30.  For what team did Tony Kanaan drive for in his first Indianapolis 500? Mo Nunn Racing – 2002

31.  What winning driver holds the record for fewest laps led in an Indianapolis 500 victory and in what year? Dan Wheldon – one lap led in 2011

32.  Who were the first and last drivers to win back-to-back consecutive Indianapolis 500’s? Wilbur Shaw in 1939 &1940; and Helio Castroneves in 2001 & 2002

33.  Which driver did AJ Foyt replace in the Dean Van Lines Special during his rookie year in 1958? Jimmy Bryan

Tiebreaker: There are currently eight living drivers that drove both front-engine and rear-engine cars in the Indianapolis 500. Name them. AJ Foyt, Bobby Unser, Johnny Rutherford, Gordon Johncock, Parnelli Jones, Jim McElreath, Chuck Hulse, Bob Harkey

George Phillips


9 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Great job Billy!!! Enjoy the prints.
    By the way, when George told me who won I was not surprised!

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Thank you for running a very fun contest George. I learned quite a bit trying to track down these answers, which was enjoyable win-or-lose.
    And thanks to you and to John for providing those very cool prints. I hope I can give them a good home.

    • I have no doubt Billy Billy, that they are going to a great home and will be enjoyed by your family and friends for years to come.

  3. Jim Gallo Says:

    Congrats Billy and thanks again George. Some hard to find answers to several on my entry, which of course was not 100% correct. I even had a chat with Donald Davidson this past weekend and asked if he knew of the bearded driver to lead the 500 and he did not know of any. Love the trivia and history is what that is.

    • billytheskink Says:

      Donald mentioned Michael Andretti as the only bearded driver to lead the 500 on TTOGA a couple years ago, but qualified that by saying that Andretti, and practically every other bearded driver outside of Chet Fillip, had a “Van Dyke” or goatee, as most people today would say today, and not a full beard. Alex Tagliani led 20 laps in last year’s 500 with a similar facial hair style.

  4. George,

    I missed the contest, but enjoyed reading the answers I am curious, though, about Q3. Would not the answer be 1990? I do not believe Emerson ever drank the milk in Victory Lane. I know he drank orange juice first — perhaps he then drank the milk as well, but I do not recall that.

    Keep up the excellent blog and Congratulations to you and Susan (My wife wasn’t as understanding — we got married in Muncie on a Friday night and went to the race Sunday as part of our Honeymoon)

  5. Megan K. Bickel Says:

    Congrats, Billy! As a past winner (rockin my oilpressure shirt on Sunday), I’m glad I wasn’t up against you!!

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