We’re On Our Way To IMS

As you read this, we are finally headed up to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for qualifying weekend. For whatever reason, it seems like it has been more frustrating than usual to know that cars are running at IMS while I sit in Nashville. It seems that this has been an excruciatingly slow week. But this day is finally here.

Assuming we run into no traffic or some unexpected delays, we should arrive at IMS around 12:30 Indianapolis time. It was much easier when Indiana did not observe Daylights Savings Time. That way, we didn’t have to change our clocks when traveling to the Speedway in May. When we get there, we’ll need to do a couple of things before checking out the cars in person and just experience the sight and sounds of these new cars and engines at the Speedway.

As I‘ve done in the past, I’ll be doing posts each day throughout the weekend. Since we are traveling today and getting everything settled, there may be only a couple of more posts today. But I’ll entice you with this little nugget – check back here tonight (Friday) for a very special announcement.

How’s that for a tease?

George Phillips


5 Responses to “We’re On Our Way To IMS”

  1. On the plus side, you’re not driving a Lotus, or you’d be arriving at 6pm.

  2. Here’s what I don’t understand, George. I keep hearing the new cars have so much downforce and little horsepower that they’ll be drafting like crazy and running in packs. I thought this pack racing was exactly what they DID NOT want. Shouldn’t they take away downforce and increase horsepower in order that drivers have to break into the corners and actually drive the car rather than go flat out and hang on? I have some trepidation about this because I want fast and safe (as possible) oval racing. Anyway, look forward to your reporting from the weekend.

  3. james t suel Says:

    What a tease !!!!

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