It’s Been A Busy Day

It’s been a wild and crazy day! As usual, we got away late, and had a few delays. We finally got to the track at 1:00 and then had to leave at 2:00 to go meet a friend at the airport.Finally got back here at 4:30 just in time for happy Hour of Fast Friday.

Apparently the added boost has made a difference. As I type, Marco Andretti is at the top of the charts at 227.540 mph – about 4 mph faster than the quickest time of the month so far. The last hour has yet to begin so I’ll be curious to see what it brings.

As I mentioned this morning – please check back here tonight for a VERY special announcement.

George Phillips


6 Responses to “It’s Been A Busy Day”

  1. Megan K. Bickel Says:

    Waiting…waiting…trying to be patient… 😉

  2. John S. Says:

    It’s getting late….when is your bedtime? Oh, wait, that’s right, you’re on Central time. Crap.

  3. Wow!! Congrats to both of you!

  4. Congrats! So happy for you guys!

  5. Steve K Says:

    Congrats to Susan & George!

  6. I still don’t see any big announcement, but I guess I can figure it out from the comments. I was hoping George was replacing Guy Fieri as pace car driver, but I guess it’s something more lovey-dovey…

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