Welcome To The Month Of May!

Welcome to the Month of May! If you are a race fan, you know what that phrase means. I go back far enough that I actually remember when the track opened for practice on May 1 and the race was run on May 30 – no matter what day of the week it fell on, except for Sunday. In the early seventies, Congress decided to move Memorial Day to the last Monday in May and after a couple of tries of running the race on Saturday, they finally decided to settle on running it on the Sunday before Memorial Day.

The "Thirty Days in May” are now a distant memory, but the Month of May is still special, no matter how the times have shortened it. It is what the IZOD IndyCar Series schedule is built around. It brings back childhood memories to those of us that grew up going to the Indianapolis 500. It means Donald Davidson and The Talk of Gasoline Alley along with nightly visits with Curt & Kevin at Trackside. It’s two weekend trips in a row for qualifying and race weekend. It’s an oversized fried pork tenderloin on a steamy bun or a Track Dog.

The Month of May means different things to different people, but it almost always involves special memories. For Oilpressure.com, it means a trivia contest. Three out of the past four May’s (I was too busy with work last May), this site has had a trivia contest. The first year in 2009, the prize was nothing more than bragging rights between all three of my readers. In 2010, the prize was an Oilpressure.com Polo shirt, which was won by Megan Bickel (aka Bickelmon). She was kind enough to wear it to the track last year when we met her. Today also marks three years for Oilpressure.com

This year, the prize is a set of four prints featuring cars of iconic drivers from the sixties – Parnelli Jones, AJ Foyt, Jim Clark and Mario Andretti. The questions will be posted either this Thursday or Friday. Thanks to my good friend, John McLellan for donating this prize. To learn more about this contest, you will be forced to endure this latest installment of One Take Only. John and I discuss the prints along with some racing memorabilia and Indianapolis 500 memories, while welcoming the Month of May. It is usually at this point that I remind everyone that One Take Only is the videoblog of Oilpressure.com and I tout that it is uncut, unrehearsed and unedited. On this particular time however, we went over the YouTube limit and I had to cut some out and I did not have time to do it seamlessly – so forgive the crude editing job at the 6:43 mark.

As I said yesterday, I will post more frequently in May but I have work and personal commitments that will prevent me posting every weekday. The first two weekends will not have posts, but I’ll be attending qualifying weekend and race weekend , so I’ll be posting quite frequently through both weekends. Along with the trivia contest, there will be another surprise or two throughout the month. Stay tuned.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “Welcome To The Month Of May!”

  1. The Lapper Says:

    I agree with John about the new car. It is faster than I thought and I look forward to seeing how well it performs this month in Indianapolis. Also, you guys are right! Andretti will bring it this year.

  2. Hal Bush Says:

    I am pretty excited about May, too. Bring on the contest!! I have been a Ron Burton fan for years and I think I can win the contest. Here is a bit of trivia on Ron Burton. He collected racing helmets through the years and has put together a website to display them. he sold them off in the past few years, but he enjoyed the collection and it is nice that he was able to share them with us on his website.


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