Yet, Even More Pics From Barber

After dragging all day on Monday, I was able to watch about a third of the race broadcast before the basketball game came on. From what I could tell, the broadcast and the race were both as good as advertised. I did have a few more pictures that I thought were decent enough to share from this past weekend, so I loaded them up here during halftime.

Race Day morning started out with us meeting up with our friends, Tad & Silvia Pierson. We met them last year at Barber and they were so hospitable that we brought them some swag this year.

Tad & Silvia

I still think the liveries this year are much better looking than usual. I don’t know if teams spent more time designing them with the new car in mind or what, but many paint schemes look exceptional this year. One of those belongs to Ruben Barrichello.

Rubens Pits

We were fortunate enough to be out on the grid for pre-race ceremonies. Here’s a shot of Tony Kanaan just before the Invocation.

TK Grid

One nice touch that I saw on the nose of Tony Kanaan’s car was a decal honoring his good friend Dan Wheldon.

Wheldon Sticker

There was an excellent crowd on hand. Reports say there were nearly 53,000 in attendance on Sunday with 81,000 for the weekend. What I like about Barber is there are multiple places to just plop down with a cooler, relax while watching race cars go by. Could there be a better way to spend a day?


Although it’s popular to laugh when someone says Barber is beautiful – it really is. Perhaps after the show the put on Sunday, mayb e people won’t be laughing as much.


Will Power’s car looked very natural in Victory Lane on Sunday. Not bad for starting ninth.


After the official photos were taken, I was able to catch a more personal moment when Will got a victory hug from his wife Elizabeth.


INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard takes in the victory celebrations from the IndyCar motor coach.


Helio sheds a tear after the podium ceremonies, as he chats with his family and friends.

Helio Tear

As soon as the race is over, the teams start tearing everything down, in order to get on the road quickly.

Tear down

That pretty well does it. At some point in the next week or so, Susan will probably post some pictures of some of the more”unique” items that caught her eye this past weekend. Thanks for following us throughout the Barber race weekend. Next stop for us is the Indianapolis 500 qualifying and race weekends.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “Yet, Even More Pics From Barber”

  1. enjoyed the reporting george. nice photo of Power & Wife, I agree about Ruben’s livery. R Bernard looks a little stressed.

  2. Nice Photos! Gives a good idea what Barber ‘really’ looks like to a fan,

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