Barber Wrap-Up

First of all, I must apologize for not getting back to the Media Center to put up a post before the race. Quite honestly, I got too wrapped up in a lot of the pre-race hoopla and lost track of time. Plus, we managed to get some hot-pit passes, which were very much appreciated. Hot-pit passes at most tracks would be something to die for. But at Barber, the wall is so high that you can’t see the cars on the track. Still, it was a thrill to be out on the grid with the cars and teams just before the engines started. I was able to meet and chat with Kevin Kalkhoven on the grid in front of Tony Kanaan’s car just before the race. Here’s a self-serving pic of yours truly, Kevin Kalkhoven and my friend Tad Pierson.


From what I could tell, it was a great race, but in all honesty – I’ll have to go home and watch the DVR before I can say for sure. But for Will Power to come from ninth to win the race on this track, was a great accomplishment. The turbocharged engines sound great in person. They also sound much better at idle when the cars are still on the grid, than the old Honda V-8’s did. they always sounded like a group of sewing machines. these sound like racing engines. They don’t stir the soul like the old Offenhausers did, but few things do. These engines sound very nice.

Here are a couple of pics from Victory Lane, but I also have plenty more that I’ll share later this week.

Victory Lane


This place is starting to clear out, so we’ll do likewise. Now Susan will get to do her favorite thing – drive back while I sit in the passenger seat and type out my next post, after I’ve had a little more time to digest what I just witnessed. Right now my brain is somewhat on sensory overload. This is now the third year I’ve come here as a blogger and I never take any of this for granted. Those that know me and how passionate I am about this sport, know just how thrilled I am to be doing this. I also want to give a special shout-out to Amy Konrath and Arni Shribhen from IndyCar. Although I’m nothing more than a lowly blogger, they always go out of their way to treat me as if I worked for ABC. I’m sure they treat everyone this way, but I really appreciate it.

OK, we’re hitting the road. Check back tomorrow morning.

George Phillips


10 Responses to “Barber Wrap-Up”

  1. I thought it was a real good race. NBCSports puts ABC to shame. Lots of live passing back in the pack and replays for the ones they missed. Good announcers, Townsend Bell did a nice job. I like the new cars and I think they’ll get more physical with them as the year goes on. Yeah, Penske is still dominant, but I think–with some real good drivers like Bourdais and Pagenaud and Hildebrand and Newgarten that smaller teams could catch up over the course of the year. K. Legge and Ed C. seem to be really struggling. Lotus might be competitive when and if they catch up with the others.

    I do think–as someone else said somewhere–the more weeks in a row with races, the better off this series will be.

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    I did not think I would enjoy this race, but I did. Lot more passing than I expected (unlike ABC, NBCSports showed most of it). The drivers seem to be more willing to take some passing chances with this new car, perhaps due to the widepods. This is shaping up to be a really interesting season. Justin Wilson managed to stay in the race with a car that was handling so bad he often looked like he was on dirt. He can flat out drive.

  3. Great race, and terrific TV coverage. It was a very entertaining show. I was really struck but just how deep the talent is in the field this year. The new cars looked really racy on the natural terrain course, with passing on just about every lap. (Also, let’s not forget to mention it’s a beautiful facility). never thought I’d say it, but I could get used to more tracks like this. Can’t wait for them to run Road America next year, so I can see them in person.


    – NBC SPORTS Televised coverage ………. 1

    – ABC televised coverage …………………….. 0

  5. George, the race was excellent and there was a lot more passing than what we saw last week. You could see that Ruebens and Bourdais are going to be in the hunt for some wins as is Hinchcliff. Marco, by the way, made some great moves early in the race against Barrichello and Franchitti, however that was short lived and when they moved on young Andretti, he looked like a lost Easter duck. It is obvious that Will Power and Dixon like Barber. With all of that, what was up with the right back tire/wheel exchange in the pits? Several teams had that problem.

    • madtad1 Says:

      I had the chance to talk to some pit crew members back at Sebring and they all said about the same thing: the rear tire requires a little more precision in mounting/unmounting than in the past as they have to pull it straight out to clear the rear “bumper”.

  6. Travis R Says:

    I thought the race was a blast to watch. The coverage was great, and the guys in the booth seemed like they were having fun, which made it fun to listen to. I didn’t expect that much passing at Barber. The fact that guys like Marco were using the chrome horn and others could successfully defend against it was fun to see. If I ever make it down there for a race, I’m heading to turn 5.

  7. “Although I’m nothing more than a lowly blogger, they always go out of their way to treat me as if I worked for ABC.”

    If you worked for ABC, they should probably be kicking you out the door. NBC SN showed ABC how it’s done. ABC should take note; but they won’t. They couldn’t care less.

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