A Few More Pics From Barber

One of the disappointments from yesterday was that the midday rains prevented me from getting a lot of pictures. Hopefully, I can get more tomorrow, but I thought I’d share a few more from yesterday. Plus, I’m doing all I can do to keep from doing yard work this afternoon.

Although I didn’t get a picture of Ryan Briscoe’s car with the new Hitachi livery, I was able to snap a picture of him. Here he is going about as fast as he was in today’s second round of qualifying when he was caught sitting in the pits.


Speaking of Team Penske, I actually got to experience something extremely rare – a Clive Howell sighting. He had been rumored to have entered the Witness Protection Program ever since Tim Cindric took over as Will Power’s strategist. I was glad to see he is still accounted for and apparently still with Team Penske.


I’m still not talented enough to get high-speed racing shots. Usually as I try to follow a car and snap it, I usually wind up with a picture of an empty track. Although I chopped off his nose, I was able to get most of Rubens Barrichello as he drove by on the backstretch – shortly before the rains came.


I was able to get this of Michael Andretti standing atop the pit box as he watched his three drivers practice.


Of course, to complete the photos I had to have a couple of personal shots. Unbeknownst to me, Susan snapped this picture of me feverishly blogging away in the media center; which as you can see was a glorified tent, but a very nicely appointed tent.


For payback, I felt compelled to take Susan’s picture while roaming around the paddock shortly before the IndyCar practice. The sunglasses hide the fact that a thunderstorm was quickly approaching that would end the day.

SusanBarber 12

That about does it for now. Qualifying will be shown at 4:00 Eastern on NBC Sports Network. We’ll be back down at Barber bright and early tomorrow. be sure and check back often.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “A Few More Pics From Barber”

  1. Giant sunglasses a must in the pit area. These are bifocals which only add to my mystique…

  2. Carburetor Says:

    George–Thanks much for the photos! Looking forward to the race tomorrow….

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