Calling It A Day

Well, the teams and various series racing here this weekend have called it a day – so I guess we might as well too. They can race in the rain, but why practice in it and risk wadding up a car if the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is for sunny skies? Although I came here to see cars on track, I can’t disagree with cancelling the day’s activities. I’ve seen rain and I’ve seen downpours. Today, we had a downpour.

Still, a bad day at the race track is still a good day. I got to hear the new engines in person. I got to breath ethanol fumes and smell tires being pushed to the limit. I’d say that was a pretty good day.

The new engines are much quieter, as expected. To my ears, the Chevy and Honda sound about the same, but the Lotus had a deeper almost throaty sound to it. All in all, the turbos sounded great.

As everything starts winding down around us, I guess it’s time to pack up and go back home. I had planned on getting some video and posting it here, but the weather interfered.

I want to give a quick get-well shout-out to my friend John McLallen (JohnMc) from our One Take Only segment. John was to have joined us down here, but he has been under the weather. Today’s weather would not have helped. Hopefully John can bounce back and be ready for the month of May.

We will not be down here for qualifying on Saturday, but will be here early Sunday morning before the race. I’ll be posting from here that morning. Thanks for following us today.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “Calling It A Day”

  1. George, I still had fun reading about what went on and I am pretty stoked about this weekend’s race. I think that Barber is a wonderful track within a most pretty setting and I definitely miss being there.

  2. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    Myself as well, thanks George…
    Hope you will be feeling better soon John…

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