A Few Pics From Today

Here are a few pictures I got from this morning. There are a few new liveries here, such as Dario in a blue Clorox car, Helio in the AAA car he ran here last year, Ryan Briscoe sporting “Hitach” on his familiar Pesnke black sidepods. In case you haven’t seen it, Mr. Barber has added a new conversation piece to the layout here; a woman’s head and knees sticking out of a lake. It looks as if she’s about to give birth in the water. Graham Rahal claims he will swim out and kiss her if he wins on Sunday.

Speaking of liveries, the Dragon Racing cars look good in person – much better than they appeared on television last week. Their accent colors have a metallic effect that looks great in the sunshine, of which there currently is none. Forgive the lack of captions. They take too long to enter.


As I type this, the rain is still coming down but I think the IndyCars are still about to head out. I am not.

Check back later…

George Phillips


3 Responses to “A Few Pics From Today”

  1. George, a rainy day at the track, even on a practice day, beats the best day almost anywhere else. Your reports has brightend a dismal day of bed-rest and recupuration.

  2. I think Graham Rahal needs to get a girlfriend…..

  3. H.B. Donnelly Says:

    Told ya you’d like those dragon cars! That’s one of the first things I noticed at St. Pete when Kat unceremoniously parked her car in fron out where I was standing. Thought 1: “aw man, that stinks that she’s out”; Thought 2: “Dang, that blue looks really good in the sun!”

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