“One Take Only” Returns For 2012

Like it or not – One Take Only is back for 2012. Daylight Savings Time has returned, the weather is in the 80’s this week in Nashville – so it was a good time for John and me to get out onto the back porch and talk some IndyCar racing. We discuss the new cars, the upcoming season and a whole lot of rambling.

It would have been nice had John alerted me to the fact that there was a giant shadow going across my face. Unfortunately, he chose to remain silent (which is a first). The result was that throughout most of this edition, I look like the Phantom of the Opera. Oh well, it was good to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

George Phillips



8 Responses to ““One Take Only” Returns For 2012”

  1. George, Love what you do and I follow every week.

  2. Your collective enthusiasm for the new season is very catchy. I think I am going to enjoy this year as well. My pick, however, for the 2012 INDYCAR Championship is Scott Dixon. I think he and his team will be more consistant this year.

  3. Got to “way to go Chip” and couldn’t watch anymore. Like the blg, but this is tough to watch

    • billytheskink Says:

      You missed the interrupting bird. Too bad, you probably would have enjoyed it.

      I enjoyed it too, but likely for a totally different reason.

    • Hal Bush Says:

      Yeah, right….even though Chip Ganassi has won the past 4 ICS championships he is terrible for the series, brings it down, is bad for business and should be run out. Got it.

  4. You must have hated my shirt. 😉

  5. Watched this and a blog post went up in smoke…BLAST YOU George!!!

  6. “He didn’t qualify last year!”
    “I don’t care!”

    ‘Good stoof,’ as Derek Daly would say.

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