“One Take Only” Debuts At Oilpressure.com

For the past week or so, I’ve mentioned here and on Twitter (@Oilpressureblog) that there will be a very underwhelming announcement today regarding Oilpressure.com. Much to the chagrin of our friend Pressdog, it does not involve moving away from white type on a black background. After about two and a half years of doing this site, I’m finally going to try something new. Most know how averse to change I am, but I’ve finally caved in to Bruce Yarbro; my friend that convinced me to do this site, who says I need to take this site “to the next level” – although I’ve never been quite sure what that really means.

Starting today, there will be a new feature added to Oilpressure.com – it’s called One Take Only. It is essentially an unscripted and unedited video blog that will feature myself and my good friend and co-worker John McLallen. He is one of the few people in Nashville that follows open-wheel racing as closely as I do. John and I are good friends, but we generally disagree on most things – except for our deep passion for the Indianapolis 500 and the IZOD IndyCar Series. We go to lunch quite often and our banter and bickering over racing and other related subjects at lunchtime can be quite lively and entertaining.

I knew it would be boring to film two amateurs talk racing while following a script; so I decided that each of us would come with a couple of points in mind that we wanted to discuss. We will not share these topics with each other beforehand. There will be no script, no outline, no practice, no rehearsing and no re-takes – hence the name: One Take Only.

You may find it stupid and boring, but it will be spontaneous and genuine – and completely unedited. The premise is that nothing will be cut out (except for today’s – I’ll get back to that), added or re-shot. What you see is what we’ll get when we sit down and talk racing for a few minutes.

The first effort was a little rough. I need to work on my inability to look at the camera. John also needs to work on his inability to stop talking as much. Due to our inexperience, we went way over the time allotted on You Tube. Therefore, I was forced to make two small cuts, in order to fit it all in. In the future, we’ll keep a big timer in front of us in order to stay true to our goal of no edits.

Except for today, this will not be posted on a regular posting day (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). It’ll be sort of an irregular schedule and it will show up whenever – mainly based on when we can get together. I would think once every couple of weeks or so will be enough. If this is a complete flop, it’ll be abandoned quickly. We both have better things to do with our time, if no one likes it. So if you like it, let us know. If you hate it – tell us that too.

This first time was filmed this past Monday afternoon after work, following the race at Mid-Ohio. It was taped on my back porch, mainly because the lighting was better out there than anywhere else in my house. You’ll have to forgive the sound of bugs and the errant circular saw running in the background. Next time, we may have to find a suitable indoor location with better lighting. Give us a few times to get better at this before judging us too harshly.

This sort of goes against my grain to do something like this, and I’m still a little reluctant to do it. It almost seems a little self-serving, until you see just how out of my element I am. John is sort of a natural at this. I am not. After watching this for the first time, I was suddenly reminded why I write instead of pursuing other forms of communication. But if you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t laugh at anyone else. And believe me, someone as shallow as I am enjoys laughing at others.

So, as underwhelming as it may be – John and I are going to have some fun with One Take Only. We hope you enjoy it, too.

George Phillips


13 Responses to ““One Take Only” Debuts At Oilpressure.com”

  1. Good stuff George. Nice, laid back and enjoyable.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about any quirks you think you might have – those kind of things iron themselves out with each time you do it.

  2. Jack in NC Says:

    Don’t give up yet. Buy that timer, and set it for 8 minutes. 14 minutes is a bit too long to listen to people talk. I remember the best preacher I ever heard, Dr. Boone, once said “No one ever complained that a sermon was too short”.

  3. Megan K. Bickel Says:


    I really enjoyed it! I’ll admit though that I didn’t watch it…I listened to it. I hit play and then went off to other parts of my computer to get some work done. It was like a great sports talk radio show! So if you are uncomfortable with the video format, you may want to consider just a podcast version. I’d listen to it!

  4. George, I liked it. I do agree with Jack. Keep it a bit shorter.

  5. George – might try four minutes per subject and upload separate videos by subject. Makes it easier for people to find precisely what they want – helpful in this era of short attention spans. Thanks for experimenting. I appreciate hearing intelligent discussion from two heartfelt fans without gimmicks and people emphasizing their own personalities at the cost of content. I like what you’ve done.

  6. Simon Garfunkel Says:

    George and John. Love the new feature. Sounds like two buddies talking over a beer in a bar. I don’t mind the length. Do what Megan says and listen while doing other things. Very good for a first time. It’ll get better. Look forward to the next one.

  7. Thanks. I’ll watch the video at home, after workday. I had thought that the news would be that John, Bruce, or another would be a guest blogger.
    Incidentally, check out Roy Hobbson’s new blog.

  8. billytheskink Says:

    Enjoyed it quite a bit, George. I liked the format, I don’t really get to shoot the breeze about racing as much as I’d like, so it’s nice to watch a couple other guys do so. I also liked that you did it as a video rather than a podcast recording. I think the video makes it more engaging, but folks can treat it like do other things on their computer if they prefer. It gives you options, I guess is what I’m saying.

    and John has good taste in polo shirts (yeah, I bought the same shirt at indy this year…)

  9. Sort of a Trackside South with George and John and funny accents. Can we expect guests? You could start with someone local like say………oh, I don’t know……….maybe Mrs. Franchitti?

  10. Good first ‘episode.’ Keep it up. I hope that you do some episodes at tracks.
    I wish that Versus still had its midweek show and we could see and hear the 2012 chassis + Honda engine.
    Regarding K.V. Racing Technology, I’d like to see Kanaan and Wilson win races in KVRT next season.
    Tennesseans probably stop John when he wears that shirt to ask, “Whut’s IMS?”

  11. Great aspect George and John. 1955 was a great year John. Only suggestion is to tone down the crickets in the background.

  12. Gentlemen, nice episode…I was getting worried that either the conversation was drifting towards the Ray Harroun conspiracy theory or wicking tighty whiteys….good saves.

    Also George you have been docked 5 starting positions and have been placed on double secret probation for violations relating to improperly branded aparrel.

    And as always… Nice to see you still have it out for the Japanese!

  13. Randy Holbrook Says:

    Very enjoyable gentlemen! I think it has a lot of potential. Maybe next time go ahead and enjoy that adult beverage while you’re doing the show. Loved the shirt debate!

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