Not In A Good Mood…

I’ve been coming to this track for a long time…a very long time. In that time, I’ve never seen traffic like I did this morning. It all started when I missed my exit for Kessler Blvd off of I-65. From there it was all downhill. By taking the next exit, I suddenly found myself in an area that my lack of speaking Spanish did not serve me well. We had to pull over, consult Google maps, and found our way to a side street. Big mistake.

We sat on said side street for two hours and moved about a half mile in that time. Meanwhile, the other half of my party that had a parking pass outside the track, called to let me know that they had already crossed 16th Street and were waiting at the gate when the bomb went off. They called on a regular basis to express their dismay that I wasn’t in the track yet. Grrrr!

To make a long, miserable story short. After leaving our hotel at 4:30, and sitting in traffic for almost three hours, we made it into the track by 8:30 and into the Media center by 9:00.

Anyway, we’re headed out to the pits to catch the vintage cars go by. Back in a bit. Hopefully, my mood will improve dramatically (is it too early for beer?).

George Phillips


12 Responses to “Not In A Good Mood…”

  1. Hooray! The first post I’ve read all month that didn’t make me envious!

    (Sorry George)

    Enjoy the race! I’d still trade places with you in a heartbeat.

  2. Oh, my gosh. That’s horrible. I would’ve gone postal. Hope that you’re feelin’ great by now! Enjoy!

  3. Steve K Says:

    Never too early for a drink on the best racing day of the year. Mimosas since the lights went off in Monaco! Already won money on Vettel. Dixon and Edwards next for the treble. Have fun George.

  4. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    All part of the overall racing experience at the IMS… Have a great fun and safe day George… Looking forward to your posts…

  5. what puts me in a bad mood (and maybe this isn’t the place to do it, but I have to bitch to someone) is that they’re going to blame every dumbass crash on the double-wide restarts. viso (big surprise) hit the wall, but it had nothing to do with going double-file and everything to do with driver (bad) judgement. but everyone–and especially drivers–will blame it on the double-wide. ugh.

  6. Ron Ford Says:

    It’s never too early for a beer George. I thought the ABC coverage was pretty good except for all the damn commercials. This race had it all.

  7. JHall14 Says:

    Left home @ 5:00am,hit the line on Lafayette Road @ 5:45am and 1 mile from the track, parked in North End @ 7:45am. Same stuff different year for the last 2 years on 30th street, west bound. They had actually shut down the “infield” parking just as we turned inside the gates on 30th street. Pathetic traffic flow for the last 2 years. I do not know what has changed, but something obviously has changed.

  8. turned off meridian on to 16th at 830 got 3.4 miles to exeter street at 1105, incredible poor traffic control by the “cops” on the corners letting too much traffic turn on to 16th not allowing any flow…. how
    does one go about getting a police escourt , seriously for next year,
    how many frigging VIPS can there possibly be

  9. George, I am sorry about your mis-fortune at getting to the track. Four hours?! Eeek! I, on the other hand, grabbed a nice cup of coffee from the Denny’s next door to our motel around 6AM and then we were parking behind turn 4 (Coke Lot 1-A) within 20 minutes. We had a straight shot down Lynnhurst from the Sam Jones Expressway which made the weekend convienient for a wonderful time. Also, we had a most delicious pizza in Irvington at a place called Jockomo’s on Saturday night. It is as good as it get’s! By the way, everyone around the Coke lot were so friendly. One of the groups camping there must have been a team of doctors. They were offering “free” pap smears and mamograms.

  10. George,

    I feel for you, since the terrible traffic control was foreshadowed on Carb Day and AJ Foyt Day on Saturday. 16th Street was a nightmare both days. We parked across the street from the Speedway both days rather than fight our way in to the infield.

    We stay in the Keystone Crossing area (I-465 and Merridian). We take 465 to 65 to Lafayette, and then Lafayette to Georgetown. Traffic on Georgetown was UGLY. I used to go down race day morning from the Chicago suburbs during the “Glory Days” (according to bitter CART fans) from 1990 – 95, and can’t remember Georgetown being that bad.

    But leaving the track was even WORSE! I don’t know who planned the traffic pattern (or decided to rip up Crawfordsville Rd. and close its exit off of 465), but the police seemed genuinely clueless on traffic control getting cars down Georgetown and down to Lafayette and I-65. It took us twice as long to get back (after waiting nearly two hours after the race was over) than it did to get to the track. It was the worst traffic I’ve seen save for 2004, the “tornado” year.

    I think the problem is the “Snake Pit” is back. I see lots of late teen and twenty something fans at the track. If they become fans of the sport I encourage it. But they all drive in on race day too, and I think IMS management forgot how many more people would be showing up.

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