Memories From Qualifying Weekend

This morning, we are all en route to Indianapolis. Last weekend it was just Susan and myself. This weekend, there are about twelve in out party that will be making the pilgrimage to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We plan on taking it all in, starting with the museum and the 67 winning cars. We’ll also be taking in the autograph sessions and the obligatory trips to the gift shops.

I’ll be putting up posts later today and of course tomorrow. I’ll have posts tomorrow morning before the race and afterwards. However, don’t be looking for posts during the race – I plan on watching it and not pounding a keyboard.

In the meantime, here are a few pics from last weekend. Pay close attention to the photo of me and Megan Bickel (Bickelmom). She has read this site from day one and it was good to finally meet her. Also, try not to drool at the site of the sacred tenderloin sandwich. Check back later.

Yet, another shameless plug:  I was interviewed Wednesday night for a podcast at CrimsonCast for their preveiw of the 500. Check it out here.

George Phillips

Media Center

Blogging in the Media Center on Friday afternoon.

New Cars

The 2012 Chassis on display behind the Pagoda

Hot wheels

The Hot Wheels stunt monstrosity.


Wheldon's car - The William Rast livery looks much better without the flat gray from previous years.


Ed Carpenter - Could be the "sleeper" of this year's race.


I finally got to meet Megan Bickel (Bickelmom) on Sunday. Notice her shirt.


Alone with my thoughts in a corporate suite on Bump Day.


The most anticipated purchase of the weekend - a tenderloin sandwich for $6.00.


The grease-filled goodness of a tenderloin.




Who needs technology? The field is displayed in the Media Center with poster board and magic markers.


The final picture of the weekend - the Speedway sits silent Sunday night about 8:00.


6 Responses to “Memories From Qualifying Weekend”

  1. “Alone with my thoughts in a corporate suite on Bump Day.”

    Ooh! Guessing contest as to George’s thoughts! Me first! “”Man, I’m glad PDVSA is sponsoring a car. They put on a great churro buffet.”

    I kid. Now that I see that George is on the Tenderloin Train, all is right with the world. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you and your crew today!

  2. Have safe drives and an enjoyable weekend!
    Thanks for writing!

  3. Ron Ford Says:

    I love the tenderloin sandwich photo George. That sure looks good. I wonder if they would FedEx one to Milwaukee. Kind of reminds of what Simona said on her visit to Iowa when a reporter asked her what she liked best about the track (expecting some kind of racing related answer no doubt). Her reply: “Pork chop on a stick!”

  4. Those tenderloin pictures are really just cruel, George! I think I may have to run down there and get one from a vendor outside the gates tomorrow! So glad I finally got to meet you and Susan too. My son’s ear protection is practically bigger than his head!

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