The Rain Games Continue

The second shower stopped, the track dried and the field was filled. There was even a little bumping, as everyone got at least one shot at running for a chance to get into the field – that is except for Danica Patrick. The official explanation is that had she not pulled out of line earlier, she would be given an opportunity to run. However, since she apparently did, her fate is in the hands of the weather gods. If the track is not dry in two hours, one of the most recognizable names in the IZOD IndyCar Series will not be in the Indianapolis 500.

There is one side of me that can’t help but chuckle. However, there is another side of me that realizes that it would be in the best interest of the series and this race if Danica Patrick is a participant in the Indianapolis 500.

The sun is out and track drying is underway, but there is another cell that may be headed our way before 6:00. We’ll see what happens.

Kudos to my favorite rookie, Pippa Mann. She is making her IZOD IndyCar Series debut at Indianapolis in a second car with Conquest Racing. She currently has no other plans, but she looks to be safe in the field with a solid run of 223.936 which is good for the middle of Row Ten. Her teammate is full-time driver Sebastian Saavedra, who has been extremely slow all month and currently sits on the outside looking in.

We’ve just been told that they plan to have the track ready between 4:45 and 5:00. We’re going to head back out. Back in a bit.

George Phillips


4 Responses to “The Rain Games Continue”

  1. Christopher Meyer Says:

    I am becoming a little nervous for Pippa and Ana.

    • Christopher Meyer Says:

      Oops my previous post was finally submitted with my slow internet connection 6 minutes after the checkered flag — Looks like they ended up being safe.

  2. The last two days were great. There’s more drama in two qual. days at Indy than most car races. And might have been better if not for the Chinese driver’s crash and the continuing saga of Scott Speed. I hated it for Ryan running out of time, but that’s Indy. And I love it that there are no provisionals like Nascar and nobody gets in without a good run. Good that Daniker made it–might be her last one.

    The “red cars” will be as tough as usual on race day, but there are some challengers this year–Tags, Weldon, Kanaan, Servia, Townsend Bell, Buddy Rice and Ed C.

  3. I just did a search, and I don’t see the word EMOTION anywhere in that post. You’ll never make it on tv, son.

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