Contaminating A Corporate Suite

I feel the need to pass on a silent shout-out to an unnamed person who was kind enough to sneak us into their suite today. This person will remain anonymous just in case the sponsor doesn’t care for lowly bloggers entering their pristine corporate suite.

Speaking of lowly bloggers, I wasn’t the only IndyCar blogger to lower the collective IQ of the suite. In fact, there were three of us that showed up to spoil the party – Bill Zahren (Pressdog), Roy Hobbson and myself.

3 guys

The Three Bloggers: Pressdog, Roh Hobbson & Oilpressure

Pressdog and I both represent the geriatric segment of the IndyCar bloggers. Add the collective ages between the two of us and it’s older than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hobbson is still one of those kids, but his youth is quickly escaping him too. Pressdog and I are both the curmudgeons that bemoan the young punks of today and how the kids these days will ruin our world, because they just don’t get it. Susan was kind enough to snap our picture as we were in the middle of a rant railing against the youth of today.


Grumpy Old Men: "...Kids these days"

It was fun, and in all honesty, it was really good to see them again after last year. It’s raining now, we’ll see what happens. Back in a bit…

George Phillips


5 Responses to “Contaminating A Corporate Suite”

  1. What’s the big deal to qualify on the first day? (Not counting the Fast Nine of course.) I thought the top 24 were locked in and the remaining cars battled for the remaining nine spots on Sunday. If you’re not in the Top Nine cars, why not (if you’re say an Andretti car) just work on the car and qualify 10th on Sunday? In other words, why were folks sorta freaking out about qualifying today?

    How about Simona–awesome. Hope her time holds.

    • Brian McKay Says:

      Among other reasons, today’s qualifiers can choose pit lane positions.
      “If you’re not in the Top Nine … why not … just work on the car and qualify … on Sunday?” I heard that that’s what Simona was doing: dialing in a replacement, inferior car. May’ve been what Briscoe was doing with his replacement car.

  2. Also. Hobbson = 2 beers. Pressdog = 2 beers. George = 1 beer?

  3. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    Good job George, I think that especially ‘older’ bloggers have a moral obligation to pilliage and or plunder on the corporate level or otherwise whenever possible….

  4. Brian McKay Says:

    Lowering the I.Q. average of the suite? You three are notably intelligent, so I suppose that others present were really brainy..

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