We Are Finally Here

After leaving about an hour later than planned and an unplanned visit to a Wal-Mart in some place in Kentucky, we have finally made it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s warmer here today than it’s been in Nashville all week. As many years as I’ve been coming here, there is still nothing like the feeling of that first glimpse of Turn One as you approach from I-465. The construction on I-465 that was a mess last year is much worse this year.

As last year, getting media credentials was as slick as ever. With as many that they must process here this month, it is a very well-oiled machine. As I was signing the paperwork, I heard a very familiar voice behind me – Al Unser, Jr. It was like when I arrived at Barber last month and shared a ride in the courtesy van with him. I didn’t speak because he was engaged in what was probably a more important conversation than what i could have offered,

At this moment, Alex Tagliani holds the top speed – 228.327 mph. Happy Hour starts in about thirty-five minutes, so I’m heading out. I’ll be back later.


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