Fast Friday Wrap-Up

This was my first Fast Friday since 1995. call me strange – but there is something about just sitting in the stands and watching cars go by that just mesmerizes me. Shortly after 5:00 this afternoon, Helio Castroneves set the standard at 228.611. You knew that Team Penske wasn’t going to stay quiet for long. Alex Tagliani has been at or near the top of the charts all week long. Townsend Bell and Ed Carpenter has been impressive, as well. I don’t really have a good feel as for who will win the pole tomorrow. You’d have to think Helio is a good bet, but if memory serves me correctly – no one has ever won three poles in a row.

So many non-Penske/Ganassi cars have been near the top of the charts all week (habit tells me to say “month” but that feels silly when the track opened up less than a week ago). My predictions have been so terrible that I won’t even go out on a limb to try and pick a pole winner. I’m just going to sit back and watch how things unfold.

It’s always good to see my fellow IndyCar bloggers. Last year I got to meet Paul Dalbey of More Front Wing and James Black from 16th and Georgetown. They were both here today. I heard Pressdog arrived late today, but I never saw him. I talked to the infamous Roy Hobbson today and he promised me that he will be here tomorrow.

I did have the pleasure of meeting an IndyCar blogger for the first time. John Pemberton of JP IndyCar and I got together after practice had concluded. He and I have swapped e-mails back and forth for the past two years, but finally got to meet. If you haven’t checked out his site, it is listed on my blogroll. He gives a very interesting perspective to racing – especially on the marketing and sponsorship side of things.

If the weather is hot or rainy tomorrow, I’ll tend to have a lot of updates throughout the day tomorrow. If it’s pretty and cool, I’ll have a few but I won’t be coming into the Media Center quite as often. Here are a few random pics from the day. We’ll try to have a lot more throughout the weekend.

IMG_0348 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 P5201188

It should be a great day tomorrow – weather permitting. Please check back often.

George Phillips


3 Responses to “Fast Friday Wrap-Up”

  1. That sure is a pretty snappy shirt you’re sporting around the track, George. 😉

  2. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    I was as busy as a one armed paper hanger yesterday, but was essentially glued to my seat at work, so in went the ear buds and on went Fast Friday and while I could not really devote anywhere near my entire attention to the audio never mind the video, I was none the less surrounded albeit cyber reality by the sounds and sometimes the sights of Fast Friday right up until the final lap… Thanks for the great reporting George, I wish I was there myself.

  3. That wide-angle lens doesn’t do justice to your head. It makes you look like Fred Flintstone. I know that you’re slimmer than that.

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