A Few More Pics From Barber

Although Barber has been in the books for two days now, there are still some photos to sort through. Here are a few random photos that will remain uncaptioned – mainly because I’m still tired from the trip. We got in around 10:00 Sunday night and fell back into our day jobs and every-day reality. Thank God, qualifying weekend at Indianapolis is less than six weeks away. Plus, we have two more races to keep us occupied.

It was good meeting longtime commenter Brian McKay at Barber this weekend. We tried to get together last year and it didn’t work out.

Another shameless plug: I am featured on another podcast for CrimsonCast.com. This was recorded last Wednesday night before the Barber race. You can find it here.

Don’t forget, tomorrow will be Part I of my interview with INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard. It has to be a two-parter because it’s long. I’ve already transcribed half of it and just the first half is longer than my longest post. I’ll run Part I on Wednesday and Part II on Thursday. In the meantime, here are a few more pics from Barber.

George Phillips



IMG_0299 IMG_0305







6 Responses to “A Few More Pics From Barber”

  1. Thanks for the photos, including one of one my heroes: Rick Mears. I really enjoyed your posts from Barber over the weekend and I can’t wait to see your Randy Bernard interview posts. Well Done!

  2. Black umbrella. That strikes me as being exactly the wrong color.

    Dry rub… hit him with some spicy mop sauce for the last 20 min… et voila, Long Pork. Yummy!

    • Bent Wickerbill Says:

      I agree, the wisdom of selecting a dark color, never mind black for a sport which takes place out of doors, primarily in summer months is beyond ridiculous. I mean I get that they appear to remain clean longer, but as if it were not hot enough already for the crew and drivers, black fire suits, a black umbrella to keep the driver “cool” and black pit box stand covers????? Maybe they can pas out comforters and start serving pre-race buffalo wings and hot cocoa too….
      Great shots George, am looking forward to the RB interview as well…

  3. A pleasure to meet you, also – a year after failing to meet at BMP. Hard to believe a whole year elapsed. Glad that you and your crew arrived alive and early on Sunday and enjoyed your time.

  4. The Lapper Says:

    Rick Mears acts as a regular guy doing his work. I am here to tell you that Rick Mears is NOT a regular guy. He is a 4-time Indianapolis 500 Winner. 😉

    Really, it does seem like Mears should have an escort and trumpets sounding when he is riding his cycle through the Paddock. After all, that pass on Michael Andretti was not your ordinary race move that wins The 500. 😉

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