Just Met With Randy

What an experience!

Paul Dalby, of More Front Wing.com told me that even though he has a million things going on around him, sitting with Randy Bernard makes you feel like you are the only important thing to him. He was correct.

I took seventeen questions in with me and he answered every single one. And he put a great deal of thought into each one. I hope to have it transcribed and up by Wednesday along with tons of pictures that Susan took. Here is one picture to prove that it really happened.

Almost time for the Indy Lights race. Check back later.

George Phillips



4 Responses to “Just Met With Randy”

  1. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Nice job George. And I like the fact that you realize how special that was… As say, I dunno? Imagine myself trying to meet with the CEO of the Ford Motor Company’s Alan Mulally… DON’T think it’s EVER gonna happen! Enjoy the race and look forward to your report & Randy post questions…

  3. Travis R Says:

    Very cool! I’m looking forward to hearing the results.

  4. TOmaso, Goege say he felt “like you are the only important thing to him”, not “like he was the only important thing for you.” Very few CEOs would give “ordinary” people that feeling, I guess.

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