Good Morning From Barber Motorsports Park

It’s Race Day at Barber!

Randy Bernard’s assistant called me at about 8:30 last night to move our meeting up to 10:30. Uh-oh. With two college kids riding with us, it was bad enough leaving at 6:30. Now we were going to have to get them moving even sooner. I had fears of an 18-wheeler being overturned and missing this chance. Fortunately, we made it and were in the media center by 9:30. Now the only pressure is to make sure I don’t freeze again in front of Randy.

The weather forecast was sunny and 88 degrees. Right now, it’s cloudy and cool with a fairly good breeze blowing. Personally, it would suit me fine if it stayed this way.

There is already a good crowd gathering. There is a good buzz to still be four hours away from the green flag. Anyway, I need to get ready to meet with Randy in about forty-five minutes. I’ll have the full report of the meeting on Wednesday,but I’ll post how it went when I get out of there. Wish me luck.

George Phillips


4 Responses to “Good Morning From Barber Motorsports Park”

  1. The track looked fabulous on television last night and Robin Miller was a lot of fun on the broadcast.

  2. james t suel Says:

    Good luck George ,iam sure you will do just fine. LUCKY DOG!!!

  3. Mr. Bernard met a few of us on front straight b4 driver intros. I had hoped just to just thanks or we’re happy to have you (leading). He was friendly. Mr. Bernard ‘gets it;’ he knows that the fans grow a sport. Happy to have him promoting. Look forward to reading results of your interview.

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