About To Hit The Road

From the phone calls and texts I received, it’s apparently becoming a tradition at Barber for my mug to show up on television from victory lane. The only difference was, this year I wasn’t trying to. Last year, my inner child came out and I stood there and mugged for the camera as they interviewed Tim Cindric. This year, I just happened to be standing directly behind race winner Will Power. I guess I have to fast forward the DVR when i get home tonight.

It was a more enjoyable to attend this year’s race. There was more action from a spectator’s perspective. How it played out on TV remains to be seen. I started out watching the race on the embankment overlooking Turn Two. As a fan at the track, i actually found myself enjoying the double-file re-starts. Around Lap 60, we moved over to the backstretch were the speeds are much greater. Plus, we were able to watch the action in Turn Five and had a great view of Tony Kanaan’s move on Danica Patrick.

Speaking of Tony Kanaan, I hadn’t gotten over the thrill of my meeting with Randy Bernard, when I was contacted via Twitter by two longtime readers and commenters – “Silvia” and “Mad Tad”. They invited us to their motor home. When we got there, they mentioned that their friend, Tony Kanaan, would be there at 1:00. Susan’s son Eric has been a huge TK fan since his first race in 2004. She texted him so that he and his friend Charlie could get over to meet TK. He showed up promptly at 1:00 for about a fifteen minute visit with just about eight of us in there. Oddly enough, he had never heard of Oilpressure.com. Still, he was very talkative and engaging. He gave Eric & Charlie autographs and posed for pictures. he even shared some race strategy with us, but swore us to secrecy.

I’ve been getting garage passes for about twenty years now, and media credentials for the last two. As much as I try to maintain a low-key attitude when I’m around all of these people I follow, it’s still hard not to get star-struck sometimes. The events of today – meeting with Randy Bernard and Tony Kanaan – made it especially difficult. I suppose when I stop feeling that way, that’s when I’ve lost the passion for this sport.

Anyway, it’s back to reality tomorrow. We’ve got a long drive back tonight, then I have to be at work tomorrow at 7:30. But knowing that we’ll be at indy in a matter of weeks will soften the crash down to earth in the morning. I’ll “try” to have a post of some sort tomorrow morning. Thanks for following me this weekend.

George Phillips


6 Responses to “About To Hit The Road”

  1. I was less than impressed with how it played out on TV. But glad you enjoyed the race. And meeting Kanaan would definitely be the high point of any weekend.

  2. I thought the TV coverage was excellent and I, too, enjoyed seeing Kanaan’s charge through the field. I was pulling for him to get Servia. I also hated to see my boy, Brisco, get taken out by RHR. Where is RHR’s head?

  3. Just don’t clap in the press box…but then again you won’t be firing yourself.

    • I didn’t want to see TK take down Oriol. I hope that Servia and Hinch find success this season! Watched Hinch race in Indy Lights in Saint Pete & Barber last season and hoped he could graduate to IICS. Was very happy to meet him on front straight b4 race. Personable young man, unlike some I could name.

  4. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    I thought the race was captured quite well by the Versus team. Indy Lights is another story. Thanks for the great blogging.

  5. It was a huge pleasure to finally meet you in person as well. Tony is a really nice guy and very engaging with the fans. I can’t wait to get home and see the race covereage, but it was damned exciting! I hope everyone who said prior to the race that it would be a snoozefest with no passing and no excitement now posts an apology to IndyCar, Barber and the drivers! 😎

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