Walking Around The Grounds

The Rookies have just taken the track for the IZOD Indy Car Series. We’ve been walking around the grounds taking it all in. The sun comes out occasionally and turns things hot. Otherwise, there are some ominous clouds hanging around just waiting to dump water on us. Hopefully, it’ll hold off until tonight.

As much as it has become a joke, this is really a beautiful facility. It is absolutely first-class. As nice as it was last year, they have made many improvements. In the fan zone area, last year the walk-way was in the dirt and straw. This year, it is smooth concrete.

There are a few new paint jobs this weekend. Dario is in the Clorox car, Helio is in the AAA car and Ryan Briscoe is in a yellow & white Penske Truck Rental car.

It’s about time for practice, so here are a few pics. check back later.

George Phillips







4 Responses to “Walking Around The Grounds”

  1. Rick Austin Says:

    Thanks for making me feel like I was there. I love road and street courses. I can wander around them all day.

  2. Randy Holbrook Says:

    It really is beautiful. I drove my Mini Cooper and parked in the Car Corral and I noticed on my way in there were attendants in the parking lots with brooms and dust pans actually sweeping the grass!

  3. It really is a motorcycle, er, motorSPORTS PARK. I noticed three sculptures that I hadn’t seen last year, and I liked the weather. I love natural-terrain road courses, by and large, more than contrived street races like San Jose, Houston, etc. I liked the ‘uncrowdedness’ of BMP today. I would’ve liked to come up for testing last month (uncrowded), but I had work & school…

  4. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    Looks and sounds great George, at least as good as last year, wish I was there. Safe travels and we will be looking forward to hearing from you again on Sunday….

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