Rain, Rain – Go Away

Well, just as the IZOD IndyCar practice was wrapping up – here came the rains. We grabbed a shuttle back to the media center which is a tent. I sat down to put up this post and water started puddling at my feet. It became quite the scene to see the IndyCar personnel scrambling to sop up the water before it got into all of the electrical equipment.

Other than that, this is a very sophisticated “tent” they have set up here. They outgrew the media center they used last year and erected this tent. It’s amazing. there are HD monitors everywhere, countless wireless networks and stations galore. Last year, I leaned against a pole and blogged via my iphone. This year, I get to sit and spread out and use the laptop.

Today, I’ve gotten to know a longtime IndyCar writer – John Bryant from Nazareth, PA. He is a member of the Old Timers club at Indianapolis. He has forgotten more about racing than I’ll ever know. His stories have been fascinating to listen to. It’s interesting watching the camaraderie between these writers who have known each other for decades.

Anyway, the sun has come out and the rains have stopped. I’ll be back later.

George Phillips


One Response to “Rain, Rain – Go Away”

  1. One question for Randy. Several countries currently lack any IndyCar race coverage, be it on free or paid television or internet streaming. Yesterday, ESPN’s announcer “announced” on Twitter that they would only show 5 more IndyCar races in Hispanic America (the same as ABC in the US). The others would be shown on Speed, which hasn’t announced anything on their website or Facebook page for Alabama. Speed costs extra money in most places, whereas ESPN is one of the leading sports networks in the region alongside Fox Sports.

    The question is: how can IndyCar let these countries have such little or no converage? How are fans prevented from watching practice and qualifying outside the US? How benefits from this, when there is no alternative for fans other that watching illegal internet streams that can’t be measured like an official streaming and don’t sport local advertising as networks like ESPN do?

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